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lobit_ru's Journal
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Friday, March 23rd, 2012
1:29 pm

Слово модератора
Коллеги, братья в лоубите!
Призываю вас придерживаться формата этого блога!
Наш интерес – LOW BIT и ТОЛЬКО LO WBIT (aka LOBIT)!
Нас интересуют релизы, чей bitrate НЕ ПРЕВЫШАЕТ 96 kbps!!!!
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Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
3:41 pm
[GHR-023] Rootea - Stars Evolusion

Live concert in Lynch club on Underground Fest I (Ekb)
psychedelic rock / avantgarde jazz / live lobit

Full live set was:

(0) - Supernova. Protostar ~ 6:00
1 - Main Sequence - 5:19
2 - Nebula - 5:03
3 - Blach Holes - 00:43 (fragm, full ~ 7:00)
(4) - Bonus - Searching the true path
(5) - Bonus - Prison of Delusions

Andrey Skorobogatov - guitars, jew's harp (2)
Alexander Markukhin - sax, jew's harp, harp, kazu, "melodica" keyboard, xylophone, percussion

with assistance of members of "the limb" band:
Azat Murzakaev - bass guitar, effects
Egor Kanatkin - drums
Ulyana Beloglazova - piano

Quality: Mp3, 80 kbps 32 kHz, stereo
Total time: 11:34

rusCollapse )donate (rub): money.yandex.ru/to/410011050210466

Archives.org PLAY | ZIP [7.2 Mb] | [GHR-021]

Thursday, June 9th, 2016
1:44 pm
Microbit Project - Pocket Politicians
Microbit-Records Представляет:
Microbit Project - 10 лет в лоубите / Microcbit project - 10 Years On A Lowbit (2006-2016)

Серия неизданных материалов

Catalog: MBR-201
microbit project - Pocket Politicians
Country: Russia
Style: Lobit, Acid Techno, Politic Techno
Quality: mp3, 48 kbps 44 Hz, stereo
Time: 19:01
Microbit project Web

Setup: RD4 for Android, Heat Synthesizer (Android platform), Caustic 3 (Android platform), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.01 Android 4.2.2
Recorded and mixed February 2015 .
DAW/Multritrack: Qtractor, OS Linux Mint 17.1

[12:19] 01. Strange Travel Of Amazing Children In The Parliament
[06:43] 02. Pocket Politician 2015

Release - Archive.org
Thursday, May 14th, 2015
9:41 pm
Rootea / Toxic Chicken - Russian crowdfunding project of lobit releasing

(This post is primarily addressed to the Russian-speaking, but you can use the Google-translator)

Rootea и Toxic Chicken объявляют о запуске краудфандингового проекта на платформе Boomstarter по релизу совместного сингла на 3.5 дискетах в 64 kbps mp3!

Rootea (Рутея) - андеграундный проект экспериментальной рок-музыки из Екатеринбурга. Состав:

- Андрей Скоробогатов (гитара, клавишные, губная гармошка, мастеринг) - также проекты Avs_Silvester, SOQR, Tatlin's Tower и др.

- Александр Маркухин (саксофон, духовые инструменты, варган, клавесин, перкуссия, шумовые эффекты) - также группы The Stockman, Сам Себе Джо, Vitamin Youth, Короли Изгоев и др.

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Карел де Гойде (Kai Nobuko, Covolux, Toxic Chicken) - молодой диджей голландского происхождения, ныне проживающий в Тайланде. Основатель андеграундного сетевого лейбла "Top of the Flops", автор множество работ в жанрах лоубит-техно, электро, тойтроника, один из лидеров лоубит-движения.

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Минимальная сумма за флоппи с учётом упаковки и почтовых расходов (по России) - 192 рубля. Общие сборы должны составить 8400 рублей.

Успевайте принять участие!

Sunday, March 15th, 2015
10:40 pm
V/A - Genetic Transurfin'2015

Compiled by Caliph Mutabor
Label: Genetic Trance
Release: 2015-03-14
Style: Various
Format: mp3, wav, ogg vorbis

Saturday, February 21st, 2015
5:49 pm
Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
11:15 pm
All Microbit-Records Releases Free download!
или Почти все, что вы хотели знать о лоубите, но стеснялись послушать:)

DIRECT LINK (archive.org)
Friday, January 30th, 2015
10:39 pm
[GHR-022] Retsevlis Sva - Warranty Certificate 8613219554
Great Hedgehogs' Records presents:

Retsevlis Sva - Warranty Certificate 8613219554


experimental noize / avantgarde / psychedelic lobit

Recorded: 2013
Country: Russia

01 - InteI cоre i5-3550        1:00
02 - WD5000AAKX            1:00
03 - GA-H77M-D3H        1:00
04 - KHX16C9T3K28X 4Gb х2    2:00
05 - S0NY 0ptiarc AD-7280S    1:00
06 - ENGTX550 TI Di 1GD5    1:00

Quality: Mp3, 64 kbps 24 kHz, stereo
Total time: 7:00

Mandolin, guitar, harmonica, tambourine  - Retsevlis Sva.
Album about computer warranty certificate 8613219554
The length of the track symbolizes the number of components.
Recorded and mixed for 50 minutes 14/04/2013 at 11pm after hard workday.

Great Hedgehogs' Records netlabel

Archives.org PLAY | ZIP [3.2 Mb] | [GHR-022]
Friday, January 9th, 2015
1:25 pm
[GHR-021] TimecodE - TransRaser
Great Hedgehogs' Records presents:

TimecodE - TransRaser

Industrial / trance-agression / breakbeat / lobit
Recorded: 2002-2004, Belgorod
Country: Russia
Quality: Mp3, 80 kbps 24 kHz, stereo
Total time: 4:24

01 - Scatter
02 - Oscillator Trippin
03 - HL
04 - Randomaize
05 - Explosiv ov Line
06 - Scatter (remix)

Synthesizers, sampling, record, mastering - Dmitry 'Cizerot' Bogutsky (SativaSignatura, SOQR, Cacti Curator, Tatlin's Tower)


Archives.org PLAY | ZIP [2.8 Mb] | [GHR-021]

Thursday, November 27th, 2014
10:43 am
lobit friendly Floppy Festival : Floppy Totaal 27 nov 2014 !!!!


First Floppy Festival 'Flopy Totaal' in the Netherlands will be held today 27 Nov 2014 in Worm, Rotterdam. An event dedicated to the lobit friendly floppy scene !!

free entrance when you show a floppy diskette at the door..!

Lobit artist and hero's like Rainbow Valley (UK), Sascha Muller (DE) as Dr NoiseM , and the Hungarian 'the floppy label' Floppy Kick will showcase its finest artists like Bass-O-Matic, Eoforwine & Dr. Kondor! Floppy movies will also be screened + of course the opportunity to buy some hot new lobit releases (some of them before they are officially released!) on brand new (or recycled) floppy diskettes.

For the lobit friends who can't make it, the festival will be streamed live through Ustream. tune in around 8pm Dutch time to see and hear this live lobit friendly festival in all its glory over here:


event page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/751215394951929/?pnref=story

Saturday, September 13th, 2014
9:07 am
[Siro746] Various Artists - The 8kbps Compilation

Various Artists - The 8kbps Compilation (ZIP)

8kbps - September 2014
Lobit / Diversified


Disc n°1

01 - Your Name - 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
02 - c4 - repeater
03 - Jane van Noise - Sometimes I need Distance (8kbps Edit)
04 - From the Willowmeadow - Once Sky High
05 - Sascha Müller - Tra
06 - vzlproj - hutx erffg rrh6`6j
07 - jjoth - TT Cross
08 - Toxic Flat Chicken Affect - Basterd Child
09 - Pogohm - Hello
10 - Fabio Crivellaro - With This Beat I'll Perm Your Hair
11 - Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot - Walking In A Street
12 - Back to the Fucking Future - Cello Symphony for 8 Bits
13 - djozr - the flatwoods encounter

Disc n°2

01 - Symplocarpush - initiate61
02 - Origami Repetika - Worm's Abundance
03 - Toxic Chicken - Luna Banani goes hoola hoop
04 - Hectic Head - The Lost Zone 8bitt
05 - Pirtek - Prokaryotes
06 - DiZE7 - 8b-dh
07 - Pollux - My Cute Little Cat: LET ME SLEEP
08 - The Cryovolcano - Helping Hands
09 - Gefilte Fist - The Most Exciting Math Theory I Guess
10 - copor - morning when I went
11 - Projects - Stretch
12 - Dr. NoiseM - The Killboy
13 - Ichtyor Tides - Hazlav

Total: (92 minutes)

Thank you guys for your submission!
You can exptect a volume 2 in 2015!
Lobit forever & sincerity is the key!
Monday, May 12th, 2014
11:18 pm

Artist: Obsolete Broadcast Systeme
title: Megalopolis by OBS 1
cat: {L0BIT07}
keywords: fat music, bad ass bass, phat synths, modern industrial, hammer beats, acid, lobit, melody, in your face broadcasting, technology, traveling, alternative, electronic, techno, experimental
label: L0BIT

Megalopolis (03:28)
Haste (01:25)
Shangai Mantra (03:11)
Technate (08:24)

Lady's and gentle people, here we have it!
L0BIT is very, very proud to present this exclusive hit release:

created with the magical touch of the legendary O.B.S.
who this time goes for a complete different approach of rocking out!
Here we hear our hero using the fattest and baldest batboys of synth abused
to give us the lobit hits that we had all been waiting for!
He brings us the fattiest sounds and teams them up with bombastic beats, classical winks,
deep accentuating pleasures that will do it's best to get you all excited again!
O.B.S. moves with haste through the phatiness, traveling through the modern towns,
through the asian corner shops armed with a hammer and of course to the modern center of technology! Here we meet the acid experiments that teams up with science of cybernetic industrial workouts! This is O..B.S. all assembled, touched up and refreshed with wobbling talking baselines,
total bigness, delivering a hell of an epic new chapter never seen before in the 64 kbps rate!
This release is not just called Megalopolis, it IS MEGAlopolis!

L0BIT (the obit musick label)
Monday, April 21st, 2014
10:35 pm
microbit project - White Deaf Cat

artist: microbit project
album: White Deaf Cat
Label / Catalog: LOBIT || [LObit05]
Style: Lo-fi IDM, Braindance, Electronic, lobit
Digital Quality / Time: 64 kbps 11 Hz, Stereo || 44:12

MIRROR SITE (Archive.org)

1. butterfly fly (album version)(6:11)
2. little spirit of the city town (6:00)
3. morning cat (6:23)
4. lips to lips (album version) (3:52)
5. white deaf cat (5:50)
6. lips to lips (long version) (7:37)
7. butterfly flight (night mix) (8:15)

Microbit Project is a music project by EugenKha. 
One of the most creative melodic music producers among poets, and audio explores that puts Russia high up on the underground map of prettiness!
He debuts a very beautiful release on L0bit, delivering all round electronic sweetness.
It's something that you will like when you are into good friendly vibes, 
that put 'easy listening' way up to to the forefront.
an album about a pretty 'White Deaf Cat'
celebrated with lovable melodies, petite cuteness and friendly vibes.
Something so adorable that you might scratch your head how on earth this release could be delivered for free!
But that was written in the will of the deaf white cat, that this music would be out there for everyone to enjoy, to be cherished and loved!
And for sure this release is all about love!
every note you hear, perfectly captured in this ultra friendly sound.
These cute music lines that makes you feel like stroking the soft fur of a white deaf cat.
It's of grotesque beauty and yet so microscopic small that it will fit in your smallest pocket.
The release comes with two remixes for everyone who just can't get enough of this album!
And L0bit assures you, you can't get enough of this album!
Wednesday, February 26th, 2014
9:37 pm
Obsolete Broadcast Systeme - What Is Bydlocore?

L0BIT proudly presents:

artist: Obsolete Broadcast Systeme
title: What Is Bydlocore?
cat: L0BIT02
keywords: lobit protest music, lobit investigation music! punk! electro, raw, rhyhm, noise, experimental, funky, dance, fake bydlocore,

DOWNLOAD / release page / archive.org

1 Dancing in the Lobit Graveyard (3:45)
2 This Is Not Bydlocore (2:17)
3 What Is Bydlocore (6:10)

One of the reasons that the powers of lobit gave life to L0BIT,
is the powerful demonstrating sounds of the one and only O.B.S.!

his resistance in the slumbering stage of the lobit scene has layed many eggs,
provoked the heads of state to turn the heath on again in search for all these lobit addicts responsable!

With this in mind, it is a pleasure to let you all know that we are back!
and as long as no-one dissapears, get jailed, or dies,
we will continue to fight against the nasty Hi_Fi crowd!

To celebrate we are greatly hosting this sound of revolution lobit action!|
featuring three original tracks by O.B.S. that seeks anwers of the scene,
provokes the missing artists to either get back alive, come out of hiding,
or begs authorities to let them go for the sake of our lobit freedom!

This is lobit lovers hopefully a resuraction,
blasting it's way through the lobit graveyard reanimating it's casualties!
Bringing new fresh air into this misserable hi-fi life and starts up a revolution of dataloss!

O.B.S. asks what is Bydlocore? Where did Alex Usiel Ischenkau go?
Where did the lobit scene go for holiday? And why was he not notified?
O.B.S. is dancing in anger as he explores the new realm of music for the next generation!

a L0BIT musick label

9:27 pm
Hybernation & Rainbow Valley - Parcel 02 {L0BIT01}

artists:Hybernation & Rainbow Valley
title: Parcel 02
cat: L0BIT01
keywords: ambient, experimental, lobit, chill out,

1 Hybernation - First Rays (2:33)
2 Hybernation - Slumber (5:02)
3 Hybernation - Oh, Chocolat (1:34)
4 Rainbow Valley - First Light (4:39)
5 Rainbow Valley - Sova (5:28)

DOWNLOAD / release page / archive.org

L0BIT is extremely proud to presents 'Parcel 02' by Hybernation and Rainbow Valley!

The music of both these artists here is extremely mesmerizing in sound
and is at its best heard in moments of intensive relaxation.
Beautiful warm atmospheric themes that sing like a mother to their young born child,
making each lonely night into a pleasant experience.

Pretty tones form humble experiences that are soulful and calming.
If there would be such a thing as heaven,
than L0BIT really hopes it contains music like this.
But why wait for the afterlife
if you can enjoy this most atmospheric prettiness at this very moment?

Previously released in 2011 on a floppy diskette,
now re-released for free for anyone lucky enough to find the magical download link

a L0BIT musick label

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
6:11 pm
New Toxic Chicken release

Available to stream, download for free or as a made to order floppy disk at www.wriewrecordings.bandcamp.com

Wrieuw is delighted to present an album from Lobit hero Toxic Chicken. Originally from The Netherlands, he now resides in Bangkok, releasing music under many pseudonyms, as well as running the awesome Top of the Flops netlabel. For Wrieuw, he has produced an EP featuring his familiar upbeat wonky pop sound covering themes such as Love, cats and chickens.

As Bandcamp isn't too keen on low bitrate MP3's, head over to archive.org/details/ToxicChickenMyCat to download this release in it's intended Lobit MP3 goodness.

This release is also available as a made to order floppy disk, should you wish to hold it in your hands.
Friday, February 7th, 2014
7:53 pm
[GHR-020] Avs_Silvester - Sport
Great Hedgehogs' Records presents:

80 kbps mp3

Kraut-djent / Progressive-rock / Lobit-metal  

06.02.2014, Yekaterinburg, Russia

01 - Ice Snots of Biathlonist
02 - Striped Leggings of Footballer
03 - Heavy Fist of Hockeist
04 - Tight Briefs of Volleyballers
05 - Funny Cap of Mountain Skier
06 - Long Mop of Curlingist
07 - Armor Helmet of Skeletonist
08 - Steel Razor of Figure Skater

Total: 26:40

01 - Ледяные Сопли Биатлониста
02 - Полосатые Гетры Футболиста
03 - Тяжёлый Кулак Хоккеиста
04 - Обтягивающие Трусы Волейболистки
05 - Весёлая Шапочка Горнолыжника
06 - Длинная Швабра Кёрлингистки
07 - Броневой Шлем Скелетониста
08 - Стальные Лезвия Фигуристки


Archives.org PLAY | ZIP [16 Mb] | [GHR-020]
Monday, December 30th, 2013
3:42 pm
vk_lobit PORTABLE

a new comp from https://vk.com/lobit
all tracks were produced on portable devices
direct download: http://bit.ly/1elxLl5
Thursday, December 19th, 2013
10:05 pm
ГАН представляет (выпуск 1) / GAN presents (Issue 1)



Аудиокниги по произведениям разных авторов. Читает Григорий Неделько. С музыкальным сопровождением. Выпуск 1. (В двух вариантах: хай-бит 320 кбит/с и лоу-бит 96 кбит/с.) / Audiobooks based on texts of various authors. Read by Grigoriy Nedelko. With music. Issue 1. (In two variants: high bit 320 kbit/s and low bit 96 kbit/s.)

Содержание: / Content:

1. Григорий Неделько "Самый главный" (миниатюра). Жанр: фантастика, мистика. / Grigoriy Nedelko "Samiy glavniy" (miniatura). Genres: fiction, mystic. 3:04
2. Дара, Григорий Неделько "Игры с судьбой" (рассказ). Жанр: городская фэнтези, мистика, фантастика. / Dara, Grigoriy Nedelko "Igry s sud'boy" (rasskaz). Genres: city fantasy, mystic, fiction. 19:06
3. Роберт Шекли "Заповедная зона" (рассказ; перевод: Нора Галь). Жанры: научная фантастика, фантастика, юмор, абсурдизм. / Robert Sheckley "Zapovednaya zona" (rasskaz; perevod: Nora Gal'). Genres: science fiction, fiction, humour, absurdism. 41:13
4. Григорий Неделько "Дом, или Зачем нужны чудовища" (миниатюра). Жанры: ужасы, мистика. / Grigoriy Nedelko "Dom, ili Zachem nujny chudovischa" (miniatura). Genres: horror, mystic. 5:01
5. Григорий Неделько "Тайна происхождения" (рассказ). Жанр: научная фантастика, фантастика, приключения. / Grigoriy Nedelko "Tayna proishojdeniya" (rasskaz). Genres: science fiction, fiction, adventure. 7:10

Продолжительность: 75:34. / Duration: 75:34.

Музыка: / Music:
*1. Компьютерная игра "СамоГонки" (Виктор "Ruber" Краснокутский, Андрей "KranK" Кузьмин). / Computer game "SamoGonki" (Victor "Ruber" Krasnokutsky, Andrey "KranK" Kuz'min).
*2. Морис Равель "Болеро". / Moris Ravel "Bolero".
*3. Григорий Неделько, Diamond Ace "Calling the Earth". / Grigoriy Nedelko, Diamond Ace "Calling the Earth".
*4. Компьютерная игра "Дьявол-шоу". / Computer game "Devil Inside".
*5. Компьютерная игра "Вангеры" (Виктор "Ruber" Краснокутский, Андрей "KranK" Кузьмин). / Computer game "Vangers (One for the Road)" (Victor "Ruber" Krasnokutsky, Andrey "KranK" Kuz'min).

GANnery records. 2013

В следующем выпуске: Филип Дик, Харлан Эллисон, Григорий Неделько и другие в сопровождении музыки (чтеца и не только). / In next issue: Philip Dick, Harlan Ellison, Grigoriy Nedelko and others with a musical accompaniment (reader's & more).

Не для коммерческого использования. / Not for commercial use.

This audio is part of the collection: Community Audio
It also belongs to collection:

Artist/Composer: Grigoriy Nedelko
Date: 2013-12-19
Keywords: аудиокниги, audiobooks, дик, dick, эллисон, ellison, шекли, sheckley, неделько, nedelko, дара, dara, символизм, symbolism, философия, philosophy, музыка, music, трип-хоп, trip-hop, рок, rock, классика, classic, инструментал, intrumental, фантастика, fiction, мистика, mystic, ужасы, horror, юмор, абсурдизм, absurdism, научная фантастика, science fiction

Creative Commons license: Attribution 4.0 International


Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
3:45 pm
[GHR-019] SOQR - Rusty Water Of Eternity

Great Hedgehogs' Records netlabel presents:

SOQR - Rusty Water Of Eternity

Progressive Rock / post-metal / lobit

Ржавая Вода Вечности

Recorded: 8 december 2013
Country: Russia (Belgorod/Ekaterinburg)

Quality: Mp3, 96 kbps 24 kHz, stereo
Total time: 2:48

Dmitry 'Cizerot' Bogutsky - bassline, percussion, cover artwork
Andrey 'Avs_Silvester' Skorobogatov - guitars, effects


Archives.org PLAY | ZIP [2 Mb] | [GHR-019]

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