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Tibol Lobit Radio Show /The Microbit Records Special edition\ (episode 12)

Tibol Lobit Radio Show The Microbit Records special episode
hosted by DJ Chicken
length: 1 hour ++ of a special experimental electric psychedelic mix of great music with 3 things in common: great, lobit & microbit records!
special exclusive interview with the amazing:
Evgenij v Kharitonov aka Microbit Project
listen / download podcast:
download / stream @

1. Pearls For Swines - Silver sundays
from the album:
various artists = microbit split # 2: Disturbance

2. Neizvestnost - skeza
from the album:
Neizvestnost - pauki-zloumshlenniki (ep)

3 dn76e - nz0055847
from the album:
dn76e - N1ZHP ISSUE

4. Hypsmoik - Albania
from the album:
various artists = microbit split # 2: Disturbance

5. neuroSampler - nightSong
from the album:
neurosampler - psy-hop

6. Cryovolcano - cryovolcano
from the album:
Cryovolcano - 001

7. Bezizgiba - Per aspera ad Astra
from the album:
Bezizgiba - per aspera ad astra

8. GERT 3000 - Deuxiem_Bananas
from the album:
Gert 3000 - Kuba (EP 2008)

9. COnsistency Nature - Palaces Of Mildew
taken from the album:
Consistency Nature -Solipsistic Domicile

10. Razxca - mwerpoier
taken from the album:
Razxca - Mwerpoier

11. Die Society Die - The Crows Sang Sorrowful Hymns Of Death And Despair As They Circled His Broken Corpse
taken from the album:
Die Society Die - Redemption (ep 2008)

12. Lust - iskusstvoznanie
taken from the album:
Lust - Schastie (2007)

13 Mikhail Lezin - compilation 2008
from the album:
Mikhail Lezin - Oil Pastel 1990 - 2001 compilation 2008

14 i AM esper - breathless
from the album:
I AM esper - Attic Recordings 2009

15 mhz - music processing plant
taken from the album:
mhz - the processing plant

16 Pollux - Frustration
taken from the album:
Pollux - Old works from the beginning

EXCLUSIVE INTENSIVE (all what you want and need to know) INTERVIEW with
Evgenij V. Kharitonov aka M-I-C-R-O-B-I-T P-R-O-J-E-C-T /Eugenkha
multi instrumentalist, sound explorer, poet, lobit hero and the big boss behind microbit records!!

on the background snippet of
Microbit Project - underground acid dance floor
released on Top Of The Flops

17 microbit project - far limit
released on Lome records [lome014]
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