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Obsolète Broadcast Système - Space Bar Demo Tunes Volume 2 (TOTF33)

Top Of The Flops is extremely proud to present its 33 release in the shape of a massive dance party by nobody less than THE Obsolète Broadcast Système!

after the wonderful sounds that will rock every spaceship in the galaxy,
here is volume 2 of OBS - space bar demo tunes!!!

Obsolète Broadcast Système - Space Bar Demo Tunes Volume 2
Put your shiny space hats on and your glittery suits cause the raw space punk dance power of Obsolète Broadcast Système is back on earth for a transmission that you will love to the ultimate maximum! This time OBS brings some delicious happy fine space rock tunes that will rock the empire!
Pure lobit electro rock that makes your life worth living! lower your weapons and start to dance, dance dance & dance!! in this case OBS invites you to come and dance with the stars, high in the sky where no earthling has gone before!
4 tracks that put the P back in cyber lobit Punk! the originality and energetic vibes of Obsolète Broadcast Système dont know any limits! this is pure adrenaline in a audio format that will thrill every muscle in your body! triggers your pleasure spots in the brain and probably will drive you insane too! we from Top Of The Flops are extremely in love with this release and its fine funkadelic funkyness! its fresh like a wake up call in a sleepy world, and sure as hell that it rocks as hard as you would not have imagined!
after the awesome 3 tracks you will be going extremely mental when the drones over Washington will fly by in your ear drums! the aggressive drones will fly high and low and bomb the white house! the mass! the attack! but the overall coolness of flair brings it all with a huge sense of relieve and happiness!
this is the soundtrack we all need and deserve to hear and that will fire up our souls to protect our-self from governments poisoning our tab-water! Obsolète Broadcast Système is here to help, blow everyone away and delivers the music for a revolution of lobit awesomeness! if you thought that space bar demo tunes volume 1 kicked ass, than you seriously will get your ass spanked in volume 2! so let Obs hit your speakers and let the adraline of music flow in your vains and freak out in revolutionary spastic dance moves! we guarantee that this release is a case of total enjoyment, not to be missed!!!

1 The Copycat song
2 Capacitor Capacitor
3 Down the mine shaft
4 Drones over Washington

------>>>>D O W N L O A D <<<<-------

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