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Hectic Head - Mixed Feelings, Mixed Frequency (TOTF34)

Hectic Head - Mixed Feelings, Mixed Frequency
Keywords: psychedelica, lofi, trippy, dreamscape, ambient, chill, acoustic, beautiful, definitely NOT normal music! shamanism, a album for psychedelic adventures!

One of our favorite fresh lobit producers with a human soul has delivered a great album generating mixed feelings in a mixed frequency.
the authentic sound of Hectic Head will take your head back to the times where all electronic music was still full on experiment, without losing its authentic sound / song structure. In this specific long playing album of pure sincerity in a 16kbps environment takes the listener to a world of self exploration.
From the wonderful beginning where hectic head invites you into his Hectic Head till the very last ending track, this is sure a sophisticated journey while worth taking. From the authentic piano blistering pieces accompanied with a voice so sincere it will make the hairs on your skin go up, to the more illustrious keeping-it-real ballads. We certainly love every lasting second of this album. Every song gives the listener a peak in the life of the producer, reaching emotional highness and utterly brilliance (the brilliant song 'Off My Tits' is one of TOTF highlighted favorites!). the whole lofi recording approach creates the feeling of being in the same room/world where Hectic Head is. melting pots, the smell of weed, do i hear some dogs? the unappreciated sound of a lighter lighting the herbal medicine accompanied on spiritual bongo sounds! If the listener is in search for a realer than life escape into another world, than whats there not to love to escape in the head of Hectic Head. Halfway the trip when he coughs on his bong the bright colors in your mind will be triggered by the music Hectic Head provides. You feel like you are a part of a red Indian ritual and probably recharge your love for nature while enduring these spiritual sounds Hectic Head recorded with his heart up his sleeve.
This album is truly exciting in its complete form, and every track will make you want to squish your cheek to see if you are still here, or that you are tripping balls into a place where only wise natural witch doctors could have taken you. even though we got this wonderful album with a insecure note by the producer himself we can guarantee you that this is brilliant material. The combination of electronic hypnotic sounds and acoustics sounds makes this probably one the best carefree albums to listen while going for a trip exploring your inner self. Inner Voice is one of these highlighting tracks that is a perfect company for along all your hallucinating adventure trips! The Whole album never gets dark and is pretty safe material for even the most unexperienced peyote , salvia, mushroom, weed-ish, lsd taking newcomer. Let Hectic Head be your soundtrack for these special moments, and don't forget along the way; This will all end! Another reminder of the pure brilliance that can be found on this wonderful trip-worthy album! With some dark moments where Hectic Head will remind you that evil can be around the corner, it mostly is a complete feel good album where his sounds order you to 'get your shit together' before going on into the next faze of this wondrous psychedelic field-trip.
We from TOTF cant claim this to be music, this is something much more than music. It listens as if it is a magicall puff of magic that triggers your imagination. In this very case we are glad to be your dealer and supply these delicious sounds. The calming reassuring Bird Tune to the American history of Slaves and Dust, it takes your ears away to a perfect calm, re-assuring that there is life beyond and that the sun will reappear soon and that the whole world is fresh upon your feet! Ending with pure warmth for your heart, this release is so of epic proportions that i believe that if Carlos Arana Castaneda would have heard this, he would have writen about it! A Masterpiece!!

20 wonderful tracks in 16kbps:
DOWNLOAD it now!!!! and go on a perfect trip!

Tags: 16 kbps, acoustic, ambient, electronica, hectic head, lobit, psychedelica, trippy
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