May 20th, 2009

Kai Nobuko (aka Toxic Chicken) о Лоубите (что-то вроде эссе)

Интересный текст прислал мне один из лучших на независимой сцене инди-музыкантов - британец голландского происхождения Kai Nobuko (aka Toxic Chicken). Текст на английском. Если что - можно воспользоваться услугами любого онлайн-переводчика (типа PROMT).

Why lo fi encoded digital audio?

Lo-fi describes a sound recording which contains technical flaws such as distortion, hum, or background noise, or limited frequency response. The term "low-fidelity" is used in contrast to the audiophile term high fidelity or "hi-fi", which refers to stereo equipment that very accurately reproduces music without harmonic distortion or unwanted frequency emphasis or resonance.

the term ‘lo fi’ in digital audio refers to an audio file (mp3,flac etc) encoded in a lower bit rate or sampling rate. Which creates a lower sound quality.
Such audio files may be offered on the internet because of their smaller file sizes and hence shorter download times
Its use is sometimes due to the artist's financial limitations but is often a deliberate rejection of so called main stream music. a rejection of the values of commercialism..

My personal opinion why I make lofi music releases
(I still make hi fi aswell)
And why I support lo fi artists from around the globe:

- ofcource it’s a rejection of the so called main stream music and a complete opposite of the value of commercial music, but it’s also a form of expression, art and experimentation. (and there can’t be enough experimentation!)
I compare lo fi music/sound like listening to an old radio / record.

encoding in lo fi makes those hums, distortion ,background noise and even data loss,
but it also gains a nice warmth over the whole recording.
wich is (I think) a pleasant thing for the ears.
Like a warm fire place in a cold house.
even harsh noise can sound very pleasant in a lo fi recorded audio file.

Also lo fi releaes are fast to download, wich makes it perfect for people
with crappy modems (they still exsist!) or slow internet Connections to download and be able to join the free music/sound revolution., share quick idea’s for inspiration without downloading for one hour and don’t know if you like it or not.

I heard producers talk about how important hi quality recordings are. Even experimental artists are in general not very open for this completely overlooked alternative sub genre.
It’s not about the bit rate it’s about if it’s a good piece of audio/track/music sound or art production.
I have big respect for a producer/artost who makes a great album and decided to encode it in pure lo fi.
It’s such a cool thing to do!

For new listeners to this genre, open your mind, don’t let the mass media distort your brain, once you love lo fi you’l never want anything else!
you'll be warned! it's punker then punk! arter then art and trashy-er then trash!!
im a lo fi fetishist and i'm very PROUD of it!

(c) Kai Nobuko (Toxic Chicken), 2009

[mbr078]: Toxic Chicken - CASIO XXXL

Label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-078
Artist: Toxic Chicken
Release name: CASIO XXXL
Country: UK - Holland
Keywords: Casio, Keyboards Experiments, Concrete Music, Experimental
Notes: one hour + 14 seconds of pure CASIO SA-20 sounds/tracks/experiments
Bitrate: 8 kbps mono
Run time 60:14
Recorded: 2009
Released: 20 May 2009
Size: 3.41 mb

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Toxic Chicken:

Microbit Splits Collection:

Microbit Records releases - Reviews from Kai Nobuko

Несколько минирецензий от Kai Nobuko на релизы лоубит-лэйбла Microcbit records:
[mbr032]: neuroSampler – TRASH FILES (Remixes Collection)  
Arse kick!
neurosampler kicks this one off with 'faster pussy killers' wich is a weird experimental bouncy track. a perfect track for happy psychopaths dressed in bunny suits! funky violin! insane groove! oh yes! :)
track 2 'job song' is a track by Juliana Johnson but then remixed by neurosampler. it reminds me abit of moby (but cool) and high on HAPPY pills! very funky, very cool, insane and happy!
i love this tune!!
track 3 is a remix by neurosampler of 'track6' by Pi-Rate and is more chop chop, dark and happy at the same time. but 100% insane! blubpy bloob sounds through a tube and other freakyness!
track 4 '10 min older trumpet them rmx' is a cool track with pure coolness and crazyness attached to it! a nice guitar and a funny trumpet, strange funky sounds and even a nice basekick! around 3:14 it really to starts to be freaky!! very cool stuff indeed!! this is pure quality and that encoded in 40kbps!!!
track 5 is a very nice remix of a track by 'Koyot', neurosampler is very funky and the bouncing base sound really kicks arse in this one! a nice voice is topping it off! and dont forget the bubbly sounds! very happy dancable groovy GOOD stuff indeed!! perfect for on the dancefloor! :)
track 6 is neurosampler doing live IDM electro things! very beautifull sounds, warmth and good breaks! lovely sound! im a fan!! (as you noticed)
track 7 is OH MY GOTH!!! a track by MICROPROCESSOR and is completly crazy and cool!!
a good funky base and hapy dance stuff! an insane track taking you into the funky world of the 'fraglerock'! oehwie!! you remember that serie? if you do? download this! and listen to it! it will bring back memory's! and never thought that the fragles are so fucking funky!!
the last track on this WICKED ep is a slightly darker track called night song.. wich reminds me of driving around in a car late at night.. an enjoying interesting piece!
© Kai Nobuko (May 18 2009)

[mbr048]: Graffiti Mechanism - DEX EFX AND EMX  
Cold as ice techno!
GRAFFITI MECHANISM an project of adam crammond (also know as c4) and the man behind 'proc records' delivers some cold as ice techno into my headphone! track 1 'pressing' is kicking of with loopbased coolness... it fades away into the next track based on a kick arse basekick! pumping techno club track with 'fuck you' all written over it! nasty!! track 3 'cogg' is my personal favourite on this ep. a straight forward dance beat with kicking kick, absorbed by quality computer style melody! demo scene style! :) 'rave extension' is a RAVE track and almost 8 minutes long.. it starts of like a propper rave... nasty rave sound and clap and then suddenly the BASEKICK hits the floor! freaky quality rave shit!
the last track is a bonus track and is completly diffrent then the other tracks. very happy and uplifting chillness! a perfect ending!!
This is very cool if you are into old school demo scene, rave music and coolness! all encoded in 48kbps! perfect!
© Kai Nobuko (May 18 2009)

[mbr052]: neuroSampler - PHLEGMATIC DIRTY DANCES  
Pure hi class experimental electro music in lo fi!
this release from neurosampler really kicks arse if you are into lo fi arse shaking electronica.
it starts of with the track 'fantastic world' an weird but very happy techno track to dance on. and be happy to listen to it anywhere and at anny time of the day! decompressor is just as insane as the previous track! completly bizar with great quality baseline and other weird electronic sounds. it got the insanity and hits the groove!! the 3th track 'antikwark' is just plain quality insane electro! wicked baselines and coockoo sounds for banging head madness! the ep ends with noisology and leaves my ears begging for more! groooooooovy insane stuff!!! TOP!!!!!
© Kai Nobuko (May 18 2009)

[mbr065]: v/a – Microbit Split # $: Muddy Dances  
Dance Dance Dance
A collection of international artist sharing the love of lobit and dance music in this very classy and wicked release brought to you by microbit records.
A pure pleasure for fans of deep house, dance, electronica beats and experimental stuff in a nice cool jacket! cool!!!
© Kai Nobuko (March 30 2009)