November 13th, 2009

Hardcore Compilation From Proc-Records

Для ценителей агрессивного саунда - на Proc-Records вышла отличная Hardcore компиляция. 33 артиста со всего света, 33 угарные композиции. Все трэки – 96 kbps.
Компилятор, понятно, Adam Crammond (Graffiti Mechanism / c4).


im going to keep these notes short, so listen up.
you are about to witness the strength of
the underground.
this is proc350.
On it you will find a comprehensive grouping
of "hardcore" tracks, with which I have allowed
the artists to define the term "hardcore" for themselves.
as such, these tracks, brutal as they may be,
may sound substantially different from one another.
In any case, I'm sure you will find this
compilation to be an interesting one to say the least,
and certainly an enjoyable one!
day by day, the proc-records catalog
AND family continue to grow and expand , reaching
the farthest, most remote parts of
the planet, to the heart of the biggest cities in the world.
This is no ordinary netlabel.
we are proc-records.

and noise WILL be noise


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