November 24th, 2009

[mbr104] MNINS - One Night Of Love

Artist + release name: MNINS | ONE NIGHT OF LOVE
Label: Microbit Records | MBR-104 | 2009-11-24
Keywords: Lo-bit, Acousmatic, Concrete, Noise
Bitrate: 32 kbps stereo | Time 19: 44 | Size 5 mb

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[4m@079] Cryovolcano - 003

Отменнейший релиз, полноценный лоубит альбом со сверхмалым битрейтом - от 1 до 6 kbps! Каждому трэку предпослана отдельная иллюстрация. 8 трэков, 9 картинок при весе в полтора мега! Рекомендую!

label: 4m@-records
cat.: [4m@079]
artist: Cryovolcano
release name: 003
Bitrate: ogg vorbis from 1 kbps to 6 kbps, 6 and 8 Hz stereo and mono!!!!


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[4m@080] Graffiti Mechanism (as C4) - Moist Dream EP

cat.: [4m@080]
artist: Graffiti_Mechanism (c4)
release: Moist Dream EP
bitrate: 8 kbps

this ep is a special internet
re-issue of an actual floppy-disk
album which was released back in 2008
by the wonderful (and now defunct)
Razxca label based out of Moscow,Russia.
The album was limited to 30 copies
and were released on translucent lime green
1.44 mb diskettes wrapped in grey canvas.
While I still have a few extra copies at hand,
I only plan on continuing to
sell them at shows.
Incidently, this is the whole album
in it's complettion featuring the original 8kbps mp3
encoding, original coverart (sized accordingly),
and tracklisting.