December 3rd, 2009

[proc351] Joss Manley - ultisynth64

Label: Proc-Records
Cat.: [proc-356]
Artist: Joss Manley
Album: ultisynth64
year: 2009
bitrate: 64kbps mono,MP3

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Review from Adam Crammond:

I think I speak for everyone
here when I say that it's been
entire too long for a new release
from Josstintimberlake here at proc.
Fortunately for the ears of all, we now
have exactly such a thing and are
able to celebrate properly at it's arriveal! :)
Donning his alias of Joss Manley, mr. JT
felt the need to release something
on proc-rec.
So, he went diggin'through his old
archives of previously unreleased audio and
sent this over!

This album is essentially just a collection
pieces that he prepaired
nearly half a decade ago on (of course!)
a Commodore 64 using what he admitted
was an "obscure piece of software from 1983.
the wierdest music program i've ever used".
While it is noticable that these tracks are
slightly dated (or maybe thats just because
the software is older?)
the music is nonetheless true to the oldschool,
lovely lobit nature which IS Josstintimberlake.
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