January 22nd, 2010

[proc365] Pushing Task - Sea Blood II

label: Proc-Records | Cat.: proc365
artist: Pushing Task
release name: Sea Blood II
country: Canada
style: Noise, Harsh Noise
bitrate: 80 kbps 20 Hz stereo
release date: January 2010


This album is part of a trilogy, and it consist of original material recorded during a party on my street where I live.
The party is part of a long tradition during a week of festivities to celebrate our french origins here in north-west of my province in east Canada.
I want to thank the neighbors band for emitting sounds, the Foire Brayonne and Ti-pique for making an appearance.
This was recorded live secretely in my room without an audience while I picked up the sounds of the party from my window.
The Sea Blood Trilogy came to be when I found out I have a blood disease called Thalassemia which translates to Sea Blood, an hereditary disease common to folks living near the Mediterranean Sea.
This album is dedicated to my french ancestry and heritage. Je vous salut!

twenty-ten is already about twenty days old, and
even with the new year being so young, proc-records
seems to have added a new name to our ever-growing
family of talent...none other than Pushing Task or
as he has also become known by fans of
the underground noise scene, jnmerd!
in many ways, jnmerd is the true embodyment of DIY.
A musical minimalist dwelling within the context
of harsh noise and mainstream inbalance, pushing task's
primary objective is to destroy sound through the use of
nothing less than pure art and complete artistic
self-expression (which is probably why it seems to work
so well here at proc! lol)

Scenesters (a term I use to sorta mock the people
who claim to like noise or downplay it's importance)
have approached this man's work on numerous occasions,
only to be left unsatisfied with the results.
Why?, you might ask.
Because just as many artists are not fully understood,
nor their work fully appreciated in their own time, jnmerd's
ability to utterly destroy all pre-conceptions of the noise genre
make him a true hero and king of the style through
his dedication to perfection which is apparent on his releases

Now, while the other text document included in this .zip package
gives a more detailed explanation to the roots of this release,
I still feel it necessary to explain my pride in having had
the honor of releasing this noise album.
proc is, essentially, a noise netlabel, and having an album like this,
(let alone a debut album from a debut proc artist) is
certainly a proper way to begin this new year!
join me in celebrating a quality product from a quality
artist, based in a country who has it's fair share of musical
talent across the spectrum, Canada!