March 9th, 2010

New Digital Floppy Discs from 4m@-records

label: [4m@-records]
[4m@ 85]
artist: Cryovolcano
release: 004point1
style: lobit synth-disco, synth-pop

label: [4m@-records]
cat.: [4m@086]
artist: Jnmerd
release: Piano EP

label: [4m@-records]
cat.: [4m@087]
artist: Sascha Muller
release: Beat Manager

label: [4m@-records]
cat.: [4m@088]
artist: Toxic Chicken
release: Lo-Bit Anthem

label: [4m@-records]
cat.: [4m@089]
artist: Toxic Chicken
release: Together We Know Insanity

label: [4m@-records]
cat.: [4m@090]
artist: Graffiti Mechanism
Release: Season Therapy

Adam Crammond (Proc-records, 4m@-records) информирует

due to time restrictions
and life, proc-rec and 4m@
will both be put on hold for
about two weeks.
Middle of March-Early April.

during this time we will not
be accepting demo submissions.
HOWEVER, immediately after
this brief pause, I hope to
have the oppurtunity to
apply the same amount of
focus into both labels as I originally
was! (:

during this time i will be
(hopefully!!) clearing my thoughts,
and focusing on my current direction
in life, as well as possibly working
on new music and thinking of
ways to improve staying in contact.

please, use this time to work
on new music or re-work
possible submissions.