March 15th, 2010

Monarch-records - new Lobit label

Adam Crammond запустил новый лоубитный лэйбл - Monarch-Records, являющийся очередным суб-лэйблом относительно Proc-records. Примечательно, что это первый лэйбл, специализирующийся на DJ-миксах исключительно в лоубит-формате (не выше 32 kbps).

Подробнее уже на английском:

monarch-records is the second official division of proc-rec.
It's primary design and focus is to release live DJ mix-sets
encoded into lowbit mp3/ogg.
It is our intention to cater exclusively to DJ enthusiasts
and also to the growing low-bitrate community through
the releasing of continuous-play DJ recordings.

1. Bitrates CANNOT exceed 32kbps
2. albums are required to be one continuous mix.
do not divide your mix-set
into multiple tracks!!!
3. each release must have front cover art.
4. If you are mixing tracks
which have already been released,
please include a complete and detailed list of
tracks which were used, and what labels
they were released on.
5. we prefer: minimal, tech-house, dub techno, deep techno,
acid house, ambient techno, ambient, microhouse...


[monarch001] Graffiti mechanism - dimension mix

Label: Monarch-Records
Cat.: monarch001
artist: Graffiti Mechanism
release: Dimension Mix
keywords: lobit mix, house, deep house, minimal house
bitrate: variable

this is a mix-set created
especially for monarch-records.

mix consists of all-new, previously unreleased material
generated entirely by
graffiti mechanism

mix performed live at
the "bomb shelter"
and encoded directly to
mp3 via lamedropxpd,
march 2010.

dedicated to peaceful people
and electronic music fans worldwide