July 18th, 2010

[mbr123] Kai Nobuko & Various Artists - Muddy Dances MICRO Mix

Remixed and Mixed by Kai Nobuko
Label: Microbit Records | [MBR-123] | Release date: 2010-07-18
Country: Worldwide
Keywords: Punk Aesthetics, LowBit, Lo-Fi, Techno, Tribal, Experimental
Time 17:30 | Quality: MP3, 80 kbps 44 Hz, stereo | Size 10 mb

Songs from mix 1 & mix 2 are taken from the microsplit album 'MUDDY DANCES'.
Songs from mix 3 are taken from the microsplit album ALL STARS OF THE 8KBPS SOUND',.
Both albums are released by MICROBIT RECORDS.
These 3 mixes and artwork are done by kai nobuko (aka toxic chicken)


1. Kai Nobuko & Various Artists - MUDDY DANCES micro MIX (7:12)

contains sounds of:
EugeneKha - Blip
Derex - Piano latino
Endometrium Cuntplow - 0224091
Pollux - Space cake
Sascha Muller - Asking
Toxic Chicken - the drill
Pollux - ACID
Italik Dubree - Last hero (special for Microbit Rec)

2. Kai Nobuko & Various Artists - MUDDY DANCES microscope MIX (3:36)

contains sounds of:
Derex - Encore
Dj If - I Like Meditation With Kaskade
Kai Nobuko - Ride my little pony
Graffiti Mechanism - The Battle For Seattle

3. Kai Nobuko & Various Artists - All Stars Of The 8kbps Sound in the blender mix (6:42)

contains sounds of:
Mikhail Lezin - zur Kunstfabrik
Mr Dee - Sun
The Ambience Project - Journey To The Darkplace (Micro Mix)
EugeneKha - Deep minimalism in 8kbps
rzxc - Unt 29 locked groove
Ugol Ratmanova - URAN
AHTICTAP - Hemispherectomy (beta version 8bit edit)
Bezizgiba - Fundamental_Property
Graffiti Mechanism - ~lovek (peace_drone)
Neizvestnost - Electric Askeza 2008

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LOBIT_RU (Low bit Community)

Pollux - Post (TOTF006)

Pollux - Post (Single)
keywords: Post-Rock/ Electronica / Ambient
bitrate: 80kbps
Recorded in Mens, France, 17/07/10 __ 18/07/10

01-The Post-Mix (4:54)
02-The XX - Stars (Wall Of Sound Remix) (3:21)

Artwork by Givre, my love:

Pollux Website:
The XX Website:

Top Of The Flops review::
This is simply beautiful, outstanding, loving, personal, most sincere relaxing music we from Top Of The Flops came across. And of course are more then pleased to have this love filled master piece on board. It is the young Composer Pollux who takes our breath away in this 2 track single release. perfect for mornings/evenings, sundays, mondays and just all days in general. and is (we think) the best music to play when you are recovering from a long lasting hangover. sitting in the sun or relaxing after a good night of sexy time action. This is Pollux at his very best!! chapeau! chapeau! chapeau!
Top Of The Flops Rec:

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