August 15th, 2010

[proc-400] v/a - RESILIENCE

Compiled by Adam Crammond
Label: Proc-records
Catalog: [Proc-400]
Country: Worldwide
Style: Lowbit, Ambient, Drone, Abstract, Experimental
Time: 2 hour, 31 min. 8 sec.
Digital quality: 8 kbps mp3, size 8 mb
Release date: August 2010

1. Microbit Project - d0917sh (3:20)
2. endometrium cuntplow - untitled (4:18)
3. Sascha Müller - Follow Me Into The Twillight Zone (11:48)
4. Cryovolcano - Trilobite (3:41)
5. EugeneKha - Echoes of a far melody (Dedication to Proc-Rec) (8:40)
6. Graffiti Mechanism - Candle (6:40)
7. carfil - Steuker bssh3x (4:04)
8. Sick To The Back Teeth - There's A Hearse And Undertaker Waitin' Right There For You (2:36)
9. Qygen - 6.68750 (23:11)
10. toxic chicken - somewhere between heaven and hell (3:34)
11. Joss Manley - Flam (2:54)
12. kai nobuko - thai king in hospital (3:36)
13. Cannibal Gluttoness - Under The Black Osmium Tides (4:29)
14. hertzcanary - bathing of the bird (1:56)
15. ICE VOLT - starved brain (3:25)
16. Lee Rosevere - Frosted (7:12)
17. Noize0110 - ssssss3 (2:37)
18. Splfk - get u (3:59)
19. Cryovolcano - Trilobite (3:41)
20. Flat Affect - Westin 3uol (14:58)
21. Galanti - Song a Feeling (5:36)
22. Gustavo Jobim - Icecream Waves (7:11)
23. Robotic Joe - d3Caf with certain doom! (3:01)
24. Razxca - l (3:50)
25. Scrap Heap - Twist05 (10:51)

Download ZIP (full complete):


with each new compilation, I usually open
the linear notes by saying
how I never in my wildest dreams
thought proc would be as successful
as it has been over the years.
And, incidently, I still feel this way.
When proc first began back in 2007,
it was just a small little netlabel
way off in the corner of the
underground music scene.
Now, although it has grown to considerable
size, I still am humbled by the
thought of it having remained
securely as a staple in the digital
sound revolution.

This past year has brought forth
new artists, ideas, sounds, and
above all, challenges.
My time, though always valuable,
is not always accessable for
accomplishing the things which
I truly would like to do.
Therefore, I am eternally grateful
for the progress we all have made, as
a label, a family, and as individual
We have been blessed with a unique
experience of sharing the gift of music
in all of it's seemingly endless forms.
Let's continue this project for many
years to come.
proc has reached 400 releases, no small
step by any means.
Yet, we still have a long way to go.
Focusing on the road ahead and appreciating
the distance we have come, proc, as a label,
will strive to be there every step of the way.

whether it's ambient, breakcore, IDM, or noise.
whether you're from France, Russia, Germany, Canada,
Portugal, Tibet or the USA, proc
is your home and your musical safe-haven.
a place where you can come as you are, and will
always be treated with respect and where
you can be sure your music
will be heard and appreciated.
Not only by me, but by fans of great audio