September 14th, 2010

New digital floppy disks releases from 4m@-records

Cat.#: [4m@103]
Artist: Pushing Task
Release name: Royal Regicide

Cat.#: [4m@104]
Artist: The Museum Of Vengeful Gods
Release name: A Mockery Of Flesh

Cat.#: [4m@105]
Artist: Sascha Muller
Release name: Low On Acid



DER004 Flat Affect - MIDI Sessions Vol. 2

Nearly 80 minutes of MIDI drone on one lovely floppy disk from Florida's Flat Affect, following a slew of releases on countless cassette/CD/CD-R and net labels.
As an extra special bonus, this release also contains the first volume of MIDI Sessions, released in 2009 on the excellent 4m@ records. And as an extra extra special bonus, if you really want a copy but don't have a floppy disk drive, let me know and we can provide a free CD-R along with the floppy!
DER004 is available from Monday 14 June, for just £2.50 inc. P&P. Email to order your copy now, there are only 35 copies!

DER005 Pollux - Riot from the Sky

6 track EP of warm ambient electronica from France's Pollux. The perfect soundtrack for those trips through deep space, where despite the tranquility, there's no escaping the menacing feeling that evil beings are just around the space-corner...
35 copies on shiny floppy disks, hand numbered and hand-packaged in a wraparound card sleeve. Get yours while it's hot!
Email to order a copy for just £2.50 including P&P. Payment accepted via Paypal, UK cheque, or well-concealed cash (GBP, USD or Euro)

DER007 Paregorik - Life Fee

Paregorik is an experimental noise artist from the Czech Republic, who has been releasing under this moniker since 2009. As well as creating brilliant noise, musique concrète, and sound collages as Paregorik, he runs the Meziprostor label, and releases Harsh Noise Wall recordings as Static Mantra.
Life Fee is 11 minutes and 11 seconds of lo-fi harsh noise, metallic yet muffled, like a submarine exploding underwater. Or Merzbow being fucked at sea. Aqua Necromancer indeed.
35 hand packaged and hand numbered copies, 18 on black and 17 on red floppy disks, released on 09 July 2010. To buy a copy now for just £2.50 including P&P to the UK, email We accept paypal, UK cheques, cash (in £, $ or €), or trades.

DER008 Subterrestrial - Map of the Interior World

4 track EP of generative chiptunes from Subterrestrial, a dark ambient/experimental project from the San Francisco Bay area. Interested in hollow earth theory, Subterrestrial has been steadily building up an exciting catalogue of music exploring how hollow earth theory has been explored in science, religion, literature and culture.
This release, drawing on classic video games such as Doom, comes hand packaged in an old map, bound with string. 35 copies only, released on 27 July. Email or visit the shop to order a copy for just £2.50 to the UK, or £3.50 everywhere else!

DER012 Guillotines/Lost in Bazaar - Split

Split floppy disk release from two awesome screamo bands. Guillotines from the midlands, and Lost in Bazaar from Istanbul. Two tracks from Guillotines, one from Lost in Bazaar, on a shiny black floppy. Comes in a handmade card box, tied with string. A limited hand numbered edition of 35 copies. Released on 19 September 2010, email to preorder a copy now! £2.50 UK/£3.50 everywhere else.

1. Guillotines - everyone loves a piano
2. Guillotines - untitled one
3. Lost in Bazaar - Disposable Meanings