February 27th, 2011

[mbr140] i Am esper - ATTIC RECORDINGS 2009

Artist: I AM esper
Release name: ATTIC RECORDINGS 2009
label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-140
Release date: 27 Feb. 2011
Keywords: Lo-Fi Experimental Ambient, Soundscape, Post-Rock
Quality: MP3, 8 kbps, mono
Time 45:09
Size: 2 mb

1. Trapped in a cave pt.1 (9:30)
2. Turquoise (3:58)
3. Trapped in a cave pt.2 (2:47)
4. Swamp (1:08)
5. Black Storm (3:36)
6. The Glass Factory (4:52)
7. Breathless (3:42)
8. At sea (5:24)
9. Trees of the city (6:02)
10. Untitled (4:10)

i AM esper is the ambient/drone/minimalist/organic noise project of Justin Palmieri. Justin uses electric baritone guitar as his main sound source as well as field recordings, acoustic sounds and found objects to create surreal soundscapes that seem to never end. The majority of the project's pieces are improvised and will never be created again.

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[mbr141] Consistency Nature - SOLIPSISTIC DOMICILE

label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-141
Release date: 27 Feb. 2011
Keywords: Lo-fi Experimental Ambient, Soundscape
Quality: MP3, 24 kbps, mono
Time 52:37
Size: 9 mb

1. Cylinders Spewing From Spheres (15:03)
2. Sweet Snowman Locomotive (12:03)
3. Palaces Of Mildew (6:07)
4. ...Within The Solipsistic Domicile (19:24)

From afar it seems broken, my solipsistic domicile, and afar it remains. All steps forward make the spectacle step back. My hands, with every reach, stretch to the outer edges of the finite ahead but remain just short of caressing the horizon. Vibrations and colors resonate and ooze from the the walls of this solipsistic domicile. They spin, sing, rot, and vanish within my skull as I squint my eyes towards the peripheral pick-up zone. Looking ahead, there is only flaw. To analyze this flaw, even when peering infinitely deep into it, is to find that there is no component that is without flaw. All movements of erosion are part of this equillibrium. My mind is harmonious only with this inconsistency, so I resonate with it and nothing else. I have no choice but to do so, for I move with this erosion persistently and to the omega. Composure towards the sporadic happenings in your domicile makes all of it's breaths your own. All around me are other twitching skulls, fellow interpreters of their own solipsistic domiciles. The delusional and imaginary key to your permanent oubliette is intimacy with these skulls.

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