April 22nd, 2011

Cryovolcano 007

rejected is proud to release on its collection a beautiful work from cryovolcano, the musician who, for us, wrote some of the best lo-fi tunes until today, such as "trilobite". this record is cryovolcano at his best: beautiful and haunting melodies, robotic yet melodic voices, and some kind of a lo-fi indie drum. rejected made the front cover, still we kept cryovolcano's idea for the cover on the inside. a record to enjoy fulfully.


1 the theme from cryovolcano  (0:20)
2 deadbird hailstorm (5:15)
3 megaton rock (4:11)
5sunk 2:19)
6 fucking chill out now (5:37)

download this EXCELLENT amazing wonderful album!!!!