May 1st, 2011

TIBOL lobit radio show

the first LoBit only radio show:

episode one contains one hour of lobit music
curated by dj Pollux. Plus an interview with Kai Nobuko (toxic chicken)

for more information & extended playlist info:
TIBOL lobit radio show

episode one playlist:
cat, Great - hometown jazz club elite cunts (seppuku+)
Microbit Project - ACIDrug (microbit rec)

Graffiti Mechanism - k-hole physics (8 ravens
Pollux - Antarctica (8 ravens)
Jimmy Slaughter - On The Motherfucking Run (20kbps)
Vivcaro - Oincaos (20kbps)
The Pink Blob - You Ruined My life  (4m@)
RedSk - Jammed Bluefisted  (microbit rec)
Qygen - TetraHydroNOSTALGiA (4m@)
Cryovolcano - Deadbird Hailstorm (rejected)
JKP - meeeooow (20kbps)
jjoth - 9  (8ravens)
Mr Dee - Untitled (4m@)
neuroSampler - micMacro (microbit rec)
psycho mum - alarm alarm! (microbit rec)
Interview with Kai Nobuko (aka Toxic Chicken)
Toxic Chicken - Micro Punk (Complete E.p) (microbit rec)

TIBOL lobit radio show