May 28th, 2011

TIBOL lobit radio (episode 4)

TIBOL lobit radio (episode 4)

hosted by dj Pollux
length: 1 hour and 7 minutes of various amazing lobit music, from ambient to great electronica!
interview/special guest : Consistency Nature (the creator of amazing sounds!)




isten / download podcast:
listen / download

– Square Master (20kbps-rec)

Restposten – Higher (20kbps-rec))

EugeneKha – Igor Song (In Memoriam Igor Ukolov) (lobit Remix) (4m@-rec)

Covolux – Moon (8ravens)

Subterrestrial – Lost In The Game Grid (4m@-Rec)

Dj Physique Magnifique – Draw Down (Floppyswop)–co–uk.mp3

Mr Dee – Shot #3 (Floppyswop)—Mr_Dee_-_3_Shots(2007).rar

Toiletooth – But I Can’t (Fashion Proof)

Nancylovesgerms – Sado Mazo (Proc-Rec)

Sascha Müller – Totentanz (Original Mix) (Sirona-Rec)

The XX – Stars (Pollux & Toxic Chicken Remix) (Microbit-Rec)

Dj If – I Like Meditation with Kaskade (Dj If deep house mix) (Microbit-Rec)


Interview of Dishdawash aka Consistency Nature


Consistency Nature – Malignant Mollusk Milieu

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