June 6th, 2011

[20k321] - microbit project - Sign

artist: microbit project
release name: SIGN
Record: 2009-2010 | Release: 5 June 2011
Label: 20 kbps | Catalog#: 20k321
Keywords: Alternative Floppy Pop, Lo-fi Indiepop
Quality: Ogg Vorbis (~ 18 kbps), 8 Hz, mono
Time: 10:20 | Size: 1.6 mb

Label review: microbit project is one of the big figureheads of lobit music. created at the end of 2008, it inspired other artists and enlightened listeners all over the world. this mash-up release is in now way different - never have you heard a barely legal bitrate (just around 18) sound like this before! floppypop on the rise.

1. sign (4:03)
2. argo (3:36)
3. guby (2:41)

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Microbit Project Site
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Genetic Trance, vziel
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