July 12th, 2011

d0x10 - yax1cyT (TOTF018)

Top Of The Flops is proud to present its 18th release:

d0x10 - yax1cyT

d0x10 delivers his academic musical skills in this wonderfull release.
he himself claimed this in the genre noise, we from TOTF call it 'intelligent acid dance music with a rhythmic happy noise feeling and twist'
in other words 'the most danceable and enjoyable happy noise we from TOTF have EVER heard!
think spastic space out hyper speed acid womps and blobs and complete freakness!
it sure makes you smile and dance around your living room, or in any other living room!
This is all Flop and certainly no POP!

we really hope you will enjoy this amazing release like we are enjoying this to the bone now..
so download, spin and play! d0x10 is here to stay!

keywords: noise. rhytmic noise, intelligent dance music, acid, happy-noise, acid, aciiiid, experimental, etc...

encoded in 32 kbps mp3

01-oeqdqoa (2:08)
02-TOtaaTa (2:04)
03-OdqXox2 (2:33)
04-xoE2DE1 (2:12)
05-Erdy2xr (2:16)

runtime::: 11:14 (but not if you play it on repeat..)

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