July 13th, 2011

Ploof - Mountain Chants (TOTF019)

Top Of The Flops is very happy to present its 19th release!

Ploof - Mountain Chants

We don't over react to say this album is a hottie and a must have!
it's the sound of Ploof in the mountains communicating with the birds, frogs, garden gnomes and
creatures from the mudd. Ofcourse this is all recorded in a state of pure Poetry mentalism and trust us, it brings out the best in people. and in this case we can hear the best of Ploof performing wood-oriental-flop-opera-monkey-style in the track 'Prepartions'.
especially this wonderfull piece of sound art reminds me of my high times back in amsterdam smoking shit loads of weed after space cake and afterwards doing this kind of street performance..
but ofcourse Ploof is completly sober and lets not forget: an artist of the highest kind and captures us all with the catchy melodies and spiritual discovery of the animal kingdom and ode to his own mother (if we heard it well) .
in the track 'the long trek' we hear a more chearfull happy sound poetry piece which let you automatically want to grow an excellent beard (especially when you are a lady)
and dress up as a garden gnome yourself while skipping on a skippyball. all this is just TOTF imagination running wild, can you imagine how wild your own imagination will go while listening this?
THe advise we can give the listener is stop reading this and download/play this excellent master piece of interesting sound poetry which takes you into a very personal world of Ploof..
trust us, we have been there: its a beautifull place up there in Ploofs mountains!



1: Whistling winds
2: preparations
3: the long trek
4: On the mountain

encoded in 16 kbps mp3

runtime: 26:13 (of pure fantasy!)

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