August 31st, 2011


Consistency Nature - Consistency Nature

96kbps (+ rtf text)
Surrealism / Writing / Vocal / Abstract / Field Recording

00 - Consistency Nature (Text - 131 pages)
01 - Consistency Nature (Mp3 - 30 minutes 29 seconds)

Total: (30:29 + time to read)

Note: "And now I send this to blend with the lines and the columns.
The data and the information. And now I see this ebb into a dim light.
The recording is best listened to after reading the story that comes with it.
The book and the audio both embody everything Consistency Nature has been about, is about,
and will ever be about.
Every composition I have ever composed or involved myself with can be heard within the track.
Every idea and spark can be read between the lines. Let the dim light darken further.
Let it grow obscure. It takes two to tango. Two to tango."

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