September 1st, 2011

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(ER011) Pollux – Unperfect Waves

Here we are again at Effluvia all resonating in excitement for the
next meteor shower of the night. This comes not as shooting stars in the
sky, but pollux stars in your mind. His new album “Unperfect Waves” is
extraordinary. It is the peaches and cream of the subconscious. The
inner foreboding melodies that come when our eyes widen staring at the
twinkly void of space above us. In these three tracks of atmospheric
mastery, our dear friend in the netlabel supernova Arnaud Barbe has an
enigmatic glow. The emotions are strong and hard to dissect, just as the
sight of passing snowy mountains takes away thought and brings back the
BADASS chill of awe. Watch these mountains now. Gaze at their enormous
vibes. Their power over you. Turn off the lights. Click play, and see
where this canyon ghost train takes you. I thank you, Pollux, for
refining our mental terrains with roaring hills of goosebumps and
relief! All who are unfamiliar with this man’s work, get familiar. This
is my favorite release in this style, but then, it’s a style of it’s own
really! A genre extinct the moment of it’s birth. One organism, a
unique one. OBSERVE!

Album: Unperfect Waves
Artist: Pollux
Bitrate: 64 kbps
Format: mp3
Genre: Experimental, IDM, Drone, Dark Ambience

August 2011



1. C(ha)osmos (8:29)
2. Shine = Burn (3:28)
3. Unperfect Waves For Unperfect Feelings (5:12)