October 26th, 2011

Irrlicht Project - Obso-l8 (TOTF022)

Top Of The Flops proudly presents its 22 release:


in this album Irrlicht explores within the 8 kbps bitrate (in stereo)
and creates a new world by synthesizing all the sounds from scratch
diving deeper into the many ways of lobit frequencies.
You don't need to worry, cause Irrlicht already has proven that he knows what he is doing
and is (if we from TOTF may say so) a true expert on the case.
if you open your mind and dive with Irrlicht Project into this wonderful world
you will see wonderful things in your mind next to wonderful things in your ears.
For everybody the experience will be different i bet, but me personally
went on a walk on thin ice somewhere on the north-pole while covered in a warm suit. swimming under the water with dolphins.
i saw blue birds flying above my head & i went on this under water diving device for a wonderful ride.
somewhere in the middle of it all i tried to call my family, but they didn't seem to pick up the line.
some strange but wonderful animals i have seen in a fantasy created by Irrlicht Project.
there where some moments of calm before the storm till the end i got eaten by friendly lobit dinosaurs...

anyway that was my experience but don't let that fool you!
dive into this beautiful sound production yourself and see where OBSO-l8 will bring you.
enjoy the wild ride!

01 irrlicht project - oslo
02 irrlicht project - 8x24
03 irrlicht project - inf
04 irrlicht project - rlx
05 irrlicht project - mrng
06 irrlicht project - cave
07 irrlicht project - rr

total runtime: 28:19