November 4th, 2011

Graffiti Mechanism - Techno From Toledo )TOTF023)

top of the flops proudly presents:

Graffiti Mechanism - Techno From Toledo

keywords: acid, techno, live, hypnotic, human-techno, soul-techno, rave, toledo techno, industrial madness. trippy , psychedelica. TOP OF THE FLOPS!
warning: contains probably the finest lobit techno you have heard
and you will fall in love and will groove yourself to death

01 The Sound Of Reflecting Light (2:07)
02 Toledo Warehouse District  (7:32)
03 Oldschool_Raver_Mentality (4:09)
04 Biochemical Transpor System  (5:45)
05 Coffee Ravers (6:03)
06 Chugga Chugga Techno Train (5:42)

runtime:31 minutes (but its well worth to play on repeat!!!)
a little unnecessary story:

Toledo city is well known for its industry, its art community and above all the famous home of the coolest underground netlabel Proc-records. (check it)
a dealer providing quality electronic world music of many kind to the right ears of the underground user.
Adam Crammond aka Graffiti Mechanism is the person behind this magnificent stable and strong netlabel
and next to giving much precious releases a home  he also put Toledo on the map in underground music land.
next to running this netlabel (and sister lobit label 4m@ records) he is also a fine music producer
and a host/dj for the first lobit radio in the world; tibol! all in all Graffiti Mechanism is a bizzy bee,
and without his work the scene would have not been as it is today. he influenced many with his netlabel
and brings good vibes with all his support to the underground movement.
his music production style is just as the wind blows, its all very personal stuff, but i have to stay his style is strong! YES STRONG STUFF!
from his drone to his more experimental sound output to the lobit techno we represent you today, it hits you straight in the soul.

as a audio sniffer from the zap-culture i have been going through lots of music,
but i always come back to the hypnotic techno tracks from Graffiti Mechanism.
There is something so pure, so sincere, so pure groove and trippyness in it.
its the music your inner self so understand. it takes you on a hypnotic trip to another world.
its not in your face, it is a perfect company for whatever you are doing.
and most of all the electronic techno from Graffiti Mechanism is not made by a robot,
you can hear its all live cooking moments of techno brilliance.
luckily captured for us dope heads all to enjoy!

i know this is a long long text to read and completely unnecessary

as the music says it all for it self.

but in this case i just feel so delighted to say that the former album of him here on TOTF
'Tetrisity' is one of my favorite albums ever. i just cant get enough of it.. (check it out!)
its loopy but never boring and full of small twists that your brain cannot resist
your feet starts to wobble and soon you are headbanging your face.
and above all you don't need to be fucked up to enjoy this work (although it works too)

SO what i wanted to say is that I'm so very happy and pleased that after the brilliant techno album
Tetrisity THE Graffiti Mechanism is back on TOTF with a new classic: TECHNO FROM TOLEDO!!!
and yeah fuck Detroit, Techno from Toledo is the shit!!!!

forgive all the blabla..
just freaking hit the play button and enjoy this rhythmic acid live jam techno tunes!!!


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