November 22nd, 2011

Ike Stirner - AcidHouse (TOTF26)

Top Of The Flops is very proud to present its 26th release!

keywords? - some serious F*CKED *P AC****D time travel BANGED faceness.
short description? - click and you are instantly drunk and drugged at the hight of a mad acid rave.

Ike 'FRESH Sj' Stirner takes us to a place where our faces are completely banged on pills, drinks and sugar cubes coated in the finest acid on the planet!
if you thought the acid music of Chorles Monson was mad, than you didnt hear this yet! No buildups, just press the playbutton and your are instantly (through time travel) at a messed up ACIIID rave!! you will find your ears popping out of your skull while juggling with glowsticks like a true acid head!
you will end up with a big smile, like the one you remember seeing on the pillz you swallowed some while ago! no time to crash! just dance DANCE DANCE DANCE till wherever Ike Stirner will take you!! (dont forget to drink shit loads of water and please do take this acid trip at your own risk!)