December 9th, 2011


(ER039) Pollux – Follow Me

Today is cause for celebration. We have a lobit masterpiece on our
hands from the hands of lobit masterpieces, Arnaud Barbe, as we know him
musically POLLUX. Here he catches us like a fly catches a spider. We
fly like flies in our forward motion, always catapulting through life’s
restless continuum. All things around us in a constant act of
persuasion, urging you to come and follow it in your omnipotent trek
towards the future. Provoked forward like stimuli, everything we
experience changes us. Now in your forward motion, you have come across
this radiant release. It’s Pollux, so you’re going to download it if you
know what is good for you, and what you will hear is the voice of
lobit echoing in every passage. Barbe has done something truly
spectacular here. 7 tracks of 8 kbps sound that utilize the lobit sound
to its highest aesthetic potential. This album will speak on a very
personal level to all who have a genuine appreciation for low
bitrate music. Atmospheric, psychoactive soundscapes of ebbing and
flowing synth globules and cosmic babbling brooks. Ethereal ambience and
groovy apparitions, delicate as a menagerie yet packing a punch.
Textures so powerful! Emotion so dense! Creativity focused and yet
completely free. Sticking closely to a particular feel and vibration,
yet completely unpredictable with every track. Is trippy a good word to
describe this record? I mean, Pollux has been known to be a very
distinct sound, but this is some abstract fun under the lobit sun! And
oh me oh my, the final track will permeate a lo fi smile on your glitchy
face. I dare say, this is among my favorite albums by this
netlabel hero, perhaps even one of my favorite lobit albums… period. In
your never-ceasing forward motion, be persuaded by good art and follow

Album: Follow Me
Artist: Pollux
Bitrate: 8 kbps
Format: mp3
Genre: Ambient, Experimental

December 2011



(ER041) Rainbow Valley & Diu Pii – Split

Truly offering a tranquilizing exercise of lobit magic to
create glitchy soundscapes of multi dimensional synth ebbing, hurrah!
 this album will take you places, even challenge you, without asking too
much of your swaying thoughts. Rhythmic, pulsating,
undoubtedly electronic, this album may be short and sweet but oh how
dreamy this sweetness tastes! Like a fruit just discovered, yet
recognized as that wonderful goosebumps chill that only fruit could give
you. This is how a trance recalls lollipop nostalgia and how much outer
space fascinated your toddler eyes, your earliest recollection of
mystery. This split is another one to remind us that lowering the
quality isn’t just on equilibrium with hi fi, but it is often the wiser.
Originally self-released as a floppy limited to an intimate 14 copies,
Rainbow Valley & Diu Pii summon one powerful sprout while covering
two different trains of thought. First with Rainbow Valley, who provides
minimal heartbeat serenity that evokes true strong feelings inside but
leaves you a melodic space to breathe comfortably in, acting almost as
acupuncture. Float out of your canoe onto his ascension bridge. Then,
Diu Pii sends our minds on an adventurous little diversion, pushing
through soundscape thickets and discovering ancient remnants of the
beautiful prehistory. The album artwork, by Diu Pii, is a proper
interpretation of these sounds. Geometry in a world too primordial to
measure. Granted, such a place will provide new sensations, like needles
in your skin or the mysterious forest ahead, but you will be rewarded
with a sharpened ear, changed forever by even the smallest debris
floating about in the informational multiverse. I applaud this little

Album:  Spli
Artist: Rainbow Valley & Diu Pii
Bitrate: 8 & 48 kbps
format: mp3
Genre: Ambient, Electronica

December, 2011