December 17th, 2011

Rainbow Valley - Dream Circuit (TOTF28)

Top Of The Flops is extremely proud to present:

Rainbow Valley - Dream Circuit
keywords: ambiance, ambient, new age, dream-scape , soundart, heaven, beauty, trip, wonderful music.

1 Radial Blur (9:17)
2 Lunesta (5:50)
3 Lucid (3:42)

runtime: Forever
notes by TOTF:

Rainbow Valley  has worked very hard for you to create the audio key to unlock another beautiful world. a world so intriguing, and so extremely beautiful that you will have no other choice than putting this record on over and over again.
angels will protect you in this dream world where good prevails,but bad is just around the corner.
the beautiful sentimental sound-structure go through your ears straight into your own heart, where it will comfort your soul. This is definitely more than just music and if you take the time to really absorb these sounds there will be no possible way you can disagree:
Rainbow Valley  created a beautiful and exciting dream world i can only describe as heaven.
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