December 23rd, 2011

Consistency Nature , Covolux & Irrlicht Project - Beautiful Beast

Top of the flops is extremely delighted to present its newest release:

by our musical hero's: Consistency Nature, Covolux & Irrlicht Project.

keywords: Ambient, chill, dreamwave, light &  bright, angelic audio, a thrilling chilling sound adventure!

lenght: 34 minutes of pure delight!

1 Consistency Nature - Wretched Shows Embark, Dreaded Shows Arrive
2 Covolux - Aurora's End
3 Covolux - Erotic
4 Covolux - The Downside
5 Irrlicht Project - 8x24 (Covolux Remix)

bitrate: 1,2 = 64, 3 = 24, 4 = 32, 5 = 16 kbps
notes by TOTF:
In case you didnt notice: it's Christmas today and guess what?
this is definiatly a release for the whole family!
Consistency Nature, Covolux & Irrlicht Project combined their delicious sounds and unique musical skills into a ray of light.
Consistency Nature opens this wonderful album with a incredible strong and bright spiritual delight of cheer joy. he introduces his humming vocals and waves them perfectly with organic organ sounds, creating a uplifting atmosphere of pure peace. This track is so full of wisdom with a great twist of happiness, that even the finest monks could learn something from these soundwaves.
After the climax of Consistency Nature's bright work Covolux takes over and brings your mind on a audio adventure most unexpected, but very wanted!
In Aurora's End you can hear a story of a Thai fighting chicken who lost his eye in his latest fight. the music keeps Aurora in good company and brings it all to a good ending. In Erotic everything starts to turn into pure L'Amour,
a captivating track of warm and sexy erotica for hungry ears. Perfectly disclosed in a wealth of rhythmic and minimalistic music for the ultimate company for nights in with your loved ones.
of cource Covolux will also cultivates the downside of these intimate moments.
Irrlicht Project ends this wonderful and mostly Beautiful Beast with his track 8x24 (remixed by Covolux) to disclose all what you have heard and conceal it in the depth of your heart to cherish forever. Its a beast, but it sure is beautifully made of pure love! <3
click here to download this Beautiful album!