February 17th, 2012

C4 - The Reflective Layer (TOTF031)

Top Of The Flops is very very happy and excited to present its 31'st release:

Artist: C4
title: The Reflective Layer
length: 1 hour and 42 seconds
style: pure c4 trip techno acid of the higher kind!
bitrate: lobit!
C4 - The Reflective Layer
add the volume to the max, press play and get sucked into the delicious world of the trippy rave sound of c4. This huge album is perfect company for on the dancefloor, your daily travels and above all also listenable to chill out to (while still shaking yourself in spastic rhythms!). We can hardly describe how good this album is it is just a matter of fact of just spin it and get hooked!
this is pure acid techno for the underground and 600 % guarantee that the people of non underground notoriety will enjoy this just as hard!
the pounding rhythems, the old school real aproach gives the sound of c4 a human vibe while staying hi tech in a lobit sound! you can help yourself to move uncontrolably while listening to this! This is a must have and probably one of these free gems out there you will count as your favourite releases of all time! this rumbling bubbling acid techno is well made with love and will turn every day into a groovy one! pick up the frying pan and hit it with a fork on tracks like Low Laser Power for the ultimate interactive effect! these static rhythems bring you in total extase and the use of these sounds are endless! We from top of the flops can chat for hours how we love these sounds, but really just download this unmissed album and get hooked on it yourself!
C4 got the groove to make every bone move! his style is universal, yet very personal and upfront but these trippy tracks will definiatly do it for you!
Enjoy the Party!! alone, with your friends, your dogs and cats or other animals, your kids, your family or just some flickering lights!

top of the flops gives this release 103013138724974194798479284729818939 STARS out of 10!!!!!

BIG UP!!!!!