February 29th, 2012

Pollux - The Moon Is A Light Bulb (TOTF032)

Top Of The Flops proudly presents its 32th release:


Pollux - The Moon Is A Light Bulb


In this wonderful lobit science fiction adventure, our good friend Pollux will guide you in a nice world with the moon as a lightbulb. from the very beginning of this album till the last sound you will be settled for a lovely spacy journey. in Love between a cosmonaut and an astronaut will we hear the stunning and cute effects of a love relationship in outer space. subtle and to the point lifting your weightless ass into a orbit around the moon. More weightless floathing is occurring in Asian Shooting star, where wetness combined with electronic squeezes triggers your imagination. After all the digital weightlessness highly sexual music , Pollux takes us to the window of our spaceship to look at the astonishing view of the moon. (or is it?) The more we get into this bizare space cultist world of sound we are losing our sense of reality. still floating around we suddenly get the munchies and what else is there to eat than some fine planets? the terrific ending of this space adventure is leaving us even more confused. shall we be lost in space forever? or is it just a part of the imagination and to many mars bars? i guess we are lost forever in one fine black galaxy. enjoy it with or without your space suit!


01 - Love Between A Cosmonaut And An Astronaut

02 - Asian Shooting Star

03 - The Moon Is A Light Bulb

04 - Eating Some Planets

05 - Lost In The Black Galaxy

14 min + in 16 kbps!!

if you are ready: