March 4th, 2012

Genetic Trance, vziel
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[GTS001] Trash Punk Show: Промо I

genetic trance

The first episode of Trash Punk Show called Промо I (Promo I).
I: Фільм "Сир"* (Film "Cheese")
II: [Psychommando show]
III: marasmatronic projet's An One video clip
IV: Культурне шоу* (Cultural show)
V: Реклама* (Ads: Pro Collide 2012)

Director, operator, scenario, composer - Alex Ischenkau
Alex Ischenkau
Постачальник Маразма
Mr. Myster

Trash Punk is independent neo-dadaist multimedia movement formed in 2012 by Alex Ischenkau. It's the part of Genetic Trance conception; it expresses absolute artistic self-expression and ideological freedom through refuting any borders and limitations of art as it is without no reference to popular esthetic notions and only guided by one's personal free and creative thought, completely indepentent and denying any standarts, external criticism or subjective attidute considering those to bound the real idea of art.Trash Punk = limitlessness of information. Information = art & everything = art, and it's really so. Not anyone is able to see that, but if you do - kindly welcome to Trash Punk, the community of true connoisseurs of art comprehending its gist and value, the people who're the step closer to the Truth.
Trash Punk = lots of unusual, fresh, outstanding ideas.
Genetic Trance, vziel
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[GT400] TrashnoiseR - Genetic Trance Re-edit

genetic trance

the great genetic trance is proud to present its 400th release !
we offer you a complete remake of legenary self-titled of Genetic Trance project
in amazing experimental noise key
made by Ian SelfmadeSatan, the man behind splendid Malaysian(!) Devil Noise Records net-label
encoded in miraculous format of 8 kbps MP3
futhermore: we bring this masterpiece to you absolutely for no money !
your admiration is the only profit for us
so what are you waiting for ?
download the whole release
or pass to the release page with more options
Enjoy !