April 2nd, 2012

Did Moroz - Disco (TOTF35)

Top Of The Flops proudly presents its 35th release:

Did Moroz - Disco


style: lobit, lo fi, funk, minimal, punk, fun, happy, disco, acoustic, dancing around the table, crazy love.
---bitrate: 32 kbps
notes by TOTF:
It was the end of the year, the transition of 2011 to 2012 and Santa Claus (in this case Vziel) gave us a super present in the shape of this very exclusive funky rhythmic acoustic fun loving album! In these times we felt greedy and selfish and danced around the table all by our-self with our newest new year present. now 4 months later we are finally emotional en-lighted enough to release this wonderful party album upon the world! Ihor Tvoronovich, the magnificent producer behind 'Did Moroz' did a great job to create a funky punky acoustic minimal dance party for any location. think guitar, the slapping of the wood and the awesome funkiness of the strings and above all a huge bottle of never ending alcohol of choice!
so enjoy your liquor and spin this belated new years present with great joy, maybe picking up a random guitar and play along! its all in the name of fun!

Happy Belated New Year everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Disco Did Moroz (6:36)
2 Did Moroz Disco (1:24)
3 New Year Song (2:33)
4 Sad Disco (0:11)
5 Joke Disco (0:07)
6 End Of Disco (4:03)

D*O*W*N*L*O*A*D this exclusive P*a*r*t*y!


Consistency Nature - NO (TOTF36)

Top Of The Flops is very happy to present its 36th release:

Consistency Nature - NO
keywords: radio-play, sound poetry, field-recordings, art, mannerism, sound art.
singing, real life story's.
**80 kbps**
DoWnLOaD iT Now!
1 No Opener (9:57)
2 No Miasmal Horizons Ahead (3:17)
3 Nobody around in the hood that never was (5:10)
4 No More Mephisto (5:37)
5 No Complexity To Embers 1 (2:50)
6 No More Marijuana (8:35)
7 No Intermission (7:33)
8 Yes, No More (4:04)
9 Just Another No (5:52)
10 No Love In The Lovemaking (7:11)
11 No Complexity To Embers 2 (5:18)
12 No Closer (11:04)

notes by TOTF:::::
Consistency Nature is a frequent traveler who likes to explore his inner self as well as the pieces of nature surrounding him. in this wonderful album he invites the listener on of these interesting journey's of the mind and soul.
in the opener that is No opener we go out in the wild with him, he walks with a delightful tempo singing to himself. while lonely cars are passing by his singing starts to transform in the word where this release (and adventure) is all about: NO! after the right introduction we are suddenly very close to Dishdawash arnett (the man behind this project) and get to know his artistic mouth spitting unprocessed glitchy nature core, while birds are waking up behind him. the recording is unprocessed but if you hear these delightful sounds you think you are listening to a digital braindance track. break-core by nature, we like to call it! in 'nobody around in the hood that never was' we are brightly surprised with the encounter of a small cute dog waken up by our guide. with his ears right open consistency nature manages to reproduce the most magnificent sounds of nature. we can feel his intense love for his surroundings and we complete get his enthusiasm. Consistency Nature is like a biologist showing us his favorite places/animals and places of sound interests.
in No More Mephisto we can hear consistency returning the favor to nature by creating a poem from the heart. you can hear the animals in the corner (perhaps hidden) but still listening with great interest. after getting rid of Mephistopheles we get another delicate treat of great sound art. spitting brilliant sounds in a cut up way it will arouse your ears and creativity spots, this is something you wouldn't think it would be possible to hear! is it madness or intelligence or a perfect marriage of these two? we believe its genius and also believe that his point of no complexity to embers is taken seriously! suddenly we hear a mixture of the calling of Shiva , love and running out of marijuana. it is like consistency nature ask for help to be filled up with love and get high, or perhaps asking for a miracle to deliver some new green? We guess the prayer and praises didn't work out this time because in 'no intermission' we are upfront and close again. consistency nature accepts the things as they are and sings his 'No' songs of knowing-no-ness in a accepted pure way. Pleasing our ears with his realness he delivers us a intense poem its hard to say no too. he remind the team of top of the flops of a young sentimental Chet baker, (still with all his teeth) and even there is no trumpets or jazz, we can hear it all in our head. simply beautiful soul-food in the shape of a beautiful poem coming straight from the heart. beautiful and so calming are the words and sounds out of dishdawash his lips, comforting everyone who takes this wonderful trip with him. after the showing of his most sensitive side, we get introduced to the mad man with a delightful mad-mad-mad-hatter track that is utterly genius in its one-of-a-kindness! mouth idm breakcore electric donald duck beat boxing death to shive micheal jackson-is-dead style! what ever it is, it is a style never heard or seen before and it sure is probably the coolest thing i ever heard of this mad genius! in 'No closer' (the final track of this wonderful album) Consistency Nature takes you by the hand and explain all the essentials of this wonderful day on the road once again. leaving you feeling good inside, although we should definitely hook up more for more wisdome-time with the all time gladiotor of nature! No is a exploration of a pure soul, willing to show you around. no light entertainment but definiatly (when ready) worth the trip!!

enjoy it with a open mind and open heart and gain some wicked wisdom! <3
)))))))))D O W N L O A D ---- NO (((((((((((((((