April 7th, 2012

Avs_Silvester - Returning of the Great Hedgehogs

Top Of The Flops proudly presents its 37th release!!

Release: Returning of the Great Hedgehogs!

OMG, they are returning! It's a new story of the Great Hedgehog, valiant prickly warriors, leading an invisible war on the outskirts of our cities, in woodlands and taiga.
(Based on "Notes of fighting hedgehogs" of Denis "den_stranger" Kupriyanov, see more on http://samlib.ru/k/kuprijanow_d_w/ ). Glory to The Great Hedgehogs! Slava Velikim Ezham!!
Produced by Avs_Silvester
Recorded: february-marth 2012, Ekaterinburg

2012[c] Avs_Silvester (Andrey Skorobogatov)

Country: Russia
Keyword: Hedgehog metal; Hedgehog noise; Experimental metal; folk metal; ambient; fusion; psychedelic rock
Quality: Mp3, 80 kbps 24 Hz, stereo/mono

Total time: 15:11


1 - Great Hedgehogs in China 1:45
2 - Returning of the Great Hedgehogs 4:01
3 - Hell Hamster's Heretic 4:27
4 - The Ambush of Great Hedgehogs 3:24
5 - Great Hedgehogs' Neofit 1:34

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, lip harmonica, percussion, tambourine - Andrey Skorobogatov.


notes by TOTF:
after well received lofi albums on the world famous netlabel Microbit Records and the die-hard-loonatic-assylum-aka-Sirona Records One of our favorite and hottest, friendly-est acoustic psychedelica creators debuts on Top Of The Flops! We are extremely proud to bring these wonderful sounds to your very own ears and speakers! This is the sound the Doors wanted to make, but failed after falling down the rabbit hole of fame and destruction.
Still we know for certain that the members of that band (if alive!) would certainly enjoy this FREE release to the max! they would probably jam along, sipping gin tonic and dancing in a cloud of purple haze.
this is the story of the Hedgehogs! after a previous adventure (which can be found on Microbit records) they are back in full shape! They are cute, friendly and their spikes can hurt you as hell! this story is based on 'Notes of fighting hedgehogs' by Denis Kupriyanov, but is perfectly listenable without taking notes. The music creates a fantastical cinematic Forrest setup where our little creatures are hiking around. the trippy acoustic touch by our storyteller is consistent in skills, and keeps your ears wide open for whats next! one of our favorite moment of this audio adventure is when the hedgehogs created this giant successful ambush! these nifty cute looking creatures are the coolest ones on earth! the contrast of the distorted harmonica and the raw guitar setting a exciting environment for all the sneaky action performed by our hedgehog friends! at the end its (of course) time for our spiky hero's to celebrate another victorious moment! happiness that fills our hearts and leaves our ears waiting for a return of the returning hedgehogs!!! delicious handmade story telling!!! totally recommended for listening pleasures! <3



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