May 20th, 2012

tibol Lobit Radio Show (episode 14)

Tibol Lobit Radio Show (episode 14)

hosted by DJ Pollux
length: 1 hour of unexpected musical surprises in a very great mix n match show of pure lobit wickedness!
plus very very very special guest/interview with: nobody less than Flash Royal!
listen / download podcast:
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Origami Repetika - Baby, I Can Fly Like a Bird

Cryovolcano - Mimas

Mystified - No Path But Ahead

Pogohm - Eat The Sun

CopyrightKiller - Einsnull (Extract)

Death On Glamour - Fuck That Smokazzz!!

Native Raver - Feel Love

c4 - digital this and digital that

atarix - dont be commercial & sellout

Razxca - Flogl Untitled

Dying Butterfly - Flying Slowly

Hectic Head - Unsung 2 Attack Ships On Fire Vangelis Remix

Eugenekha - Morning Star

Hyphens - Islands

???????? - Virtual Dj.exe imported in Audacity and encoded in 32kbps 8khz

Interview of Flashroyal

Flashroyal - DopU-FilL