June 18th, 2012

c4 - Captured

Top Of The FLops is proud to present it's 40th release:


style: real underground, acid, techno, electronic, cool & fresh C4 ness!!!

1. fdss (3:18)
2. nnvc (5:37)
3. ddse (8:01)
4. cccc (6:34)
5. this (6:59)
6. llll (6:49)
7. vvrr (1:43)

release notes by Adam C.:
months later, c4 was
still in hiding, though
supplies had been running
dangerously low, especially
supplies of rave-fuel
(coffee) which is crucial to
keeping his music alive.

after intercepting information
about a supply train
coming through Toledo,
filled with food, water
and coffee for the
soldiers, c4 decides to
wait for the train to stop and
hops aboard.

while trying to locate
the coffee he is soon
captured and taken to
the Toledo base in an effort
to have the sound wave
used on him and become
turned over himself.

this album is
the music he had recorded
collectively up until his

stay tuned.

notes by TOTF:
press play and the rhytem only c4 can produce kicks in
this is the secret sounds of a producer in hiding
while feeling good on coffee and a supply of cherished cheap beers.
feel good happy live electronic funkiness of high quality standarts
completly rocking every body's boat over here!
The album starts with a very impressive form of pure techno funk.
'fdss' is a perfect party pleaser where you will imagine one sneaking wearing
high weirdo showing off their newest slickest dance moves! it sounds like c4 is reborn,
healthy, very fresh and loosend up with cafaine!
'nnvc' hits off where 'fdss' left you but filling the room, basement or dance hall (or your own head)
with a hypnotic transatlantic banging mind bending dance track that will fill your head full psychoactive dancemoves!
like the earth is flat, and the sun always goes to sleep at the end of the day, c4 never ends to exsist!
the pounding bouncy rhythem sounds like night owls have taken over the pleasure centers of your mind,
triggering your body to move on these delicious acid sounds c4 cooked for us with all his passion.
after this hypnotic dance anthem c4 serves us one of the most audiological pleasures on this album;
a very hot , steamy and above all sexy smooth dance anthem called 'ddse' .
this tune is so cool it would even make the grinch look a warm hearted. pure gansta acid madness that is pure high grade quality if you what we mean!
wear sunglases, chilling with the dogs on the pavement, doing the dishes, working, walking in the grocery store
whatever you are doing with this tune spinning in the background everything seems to be cool!
oh yes we from top of the flops are completly digging this and completly recommend this amazing trippy
dance music! this is C4 at its best and completly recharged to make you feel ultra good!
When you at least expect it (c4 managed to make you go into a trance) the cute acid track 'cccc' hops in a sweet melody.
we from top of the flops finding ourself walking around in a wonkey jazz like cool way in the house on this laid back magic rhythems.
Did we already mentioned how cool this music is? move over jazz, this is badass c4 here to please!
slowly c4 adds the funk with the melodie exploring and bouncing around, teasing us with its claps.
no way you cannot love this and there is no way you will be able to escape the feel good hypnotic state of mind c4 has triggered the listener into!
this is the music made by a man that controls every inch of its own music and oh my 'cccc' got it all!
the melody's of electronic funkyness will definatly trigger a orgasmic feeling and gives you the ultimate pleasure!
(trust us, we aint ever lie to you!) this is pure awesomness!
after we thought it couldnt get any better C4 smacks us on our head again with a blissful happy track called 'this' .
and this is IT! there is no better title to describe this tune, it is pure awesomness! funkadelic melodic manipulations that is of a pure brilliance
will be good company for everyone that lives and likes to life!
a pure celebration of the best dance music around, delivered for free by the hands of c4!
When 'this' is taking completly off with its surprisingly highatted dance pushers, there is no way you can sit still!
your body is pumped with c4's geniously acid fuelled goodness, and keeps on drugging you with its fine electronic brilliantness!
we wish we could say that at moments like this we think all commercial acid producers i used to like are just pussy's and air,
cause it aint getting better than the underground acid sound of the best producer in this field C4!
and in this case C4 has brought us always joy by delivering its secret cookings to the underground for a very good price; your smile!
to make you feel extra good the track llll comes around the corner. a hypnotic laid back tune with its loveable frequencies and cool melodies (i can not describe it, you have to feel it)
are taking over your mind, body and perhaps moved in permanently into your soul too! yet another killer track of pure coolness!
a certain beauty of hypnotic intelligent placed electric grooves are just taking you out!
your mind full of smoke even if you aint smoking, c4 just delivers the best free and healthy drug! we recommend this to take along and listen to this wherever you go!
the world will completly transform with these outstanding hypnotic skills in your ears.
'lll' is amazing! and the last track 'vvrr' will give you a good slap on the head to wake up!
get ready to face your every day life, put on your coat , take your bag of worry's and throw it away, grab your balls and face the world!
This is C4! and nothing gets better in the dance music acid underground field than the sophisticated sounds of this wonderful humane producer!
This lady's and gentlemans is the hottest and newest thing in town, smuggled out of toledo from a basement with no reach of internets and no phone line connections!
This is IT! and we not mean only the 'This' track you can find on this pleasing album, but we mean the whole album and C4 in general!
if you dont like good vibes than please dont download, but if you do; here is your change! free your soul, your mind and your soul and completly free of charge!
all good things come to an end, but C4 has proven to be as stable as it can gets with its unbeatable supply of great music!
nothing can stop this producer entertaining you! and this record is 800% safe to spin and listen to on repeat for the rest of your lives!

Love yourself and Enjoy this wonderful album now!

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