July 20th, 2012

Avs_Silvester - ADDG of Adequate Aztec [GHR-003]

Great Hedgehogs' Records presents:

Avs_Silvester - ADDGoAA

Avs_Silvester - ADDG of Adequate Aztec

01 - Acetaldegiddegidroginaza of Adequate Aztec (9:15)
Mp3, 64 kbps

By short story "Aelift" of Den Shorin, where Silvester is ural post-apocalyptic one-legged musician, who is missing a gene that breaks down alcohol (atsetaldehyddehydrogenaza) and from melancholy composes a song for it.
(A small error in the translation of the name of the enzyme, let it stay as is.)

Progressive Metal; Psy-rock; hedgehog-metal; progressive rock; audiobook; Avs_Silvester; Andrey Skorobogatov; Den Shorin; russian sci-fi

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