July 25th, 2012

mhz14 - artbrutefact (TOTF043)

Top Of The Flops Is Proud to present a huge comeback with a fine new release:

 mhz14 - artbrutefact

Mhz is a project that needs no introduction,
a true legend in the experimental music and audio field,
that is as solid as it is amazingly great!
in this very fine and sub-tile audio adventure called 'artbrutefact' he delivers us a delicious warm audio adventure t
hat is as mysterious, crispy, as it is tasteful.
if you listen deep in these wonderful layers you can hear a world with barking dogs, voices and so much more. molded into a delicious audio track that keeps a real human touch.
a perfect soundtrack for rainy days to keep you comfort, or for long walks in mysterious industrial places to make the things more romantic than they actually are.
For this release we totally recommend our listener to listen with care with a highly classified headphone to warm up your soul 400procent.
much cheaper than a campfire and probably much warmer too!

 enjoy Artbrutefact with care and taste! 

keywords: warm, ambiance, sound art, experimental, ambient, fieldrecordings, lobit, masterpiece.

kick ass rate: 65kbps mp3
run-for-your-life-time: 9:46

download this warm masterpiece now!

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