August 10th, 2012

Obsolète Broadcast Système - Ntangu

top Of The Flops is ultra proud to present its 44th release:
Obsolète Broadcast Système - NTANGU

The perfect single that is without a doubt the most funkyest danceable happyest rawest powerfullest funnyest single from this very moment!
a instant healthy dosis of pure dance floor killer that will even make a wooden stock into a ballet dancer!
now is the time to get of your fat hamburger ass and start shaking that giant mountain of flesh in the rhythem provided!
think of pure original kongo warior raw ness with lovely live melodies that will make every hectic day into a fine and happy day!
all your headaches instantly will fade away with this warm welcomed overdose of pure wicked dancyness!
it got everything you need, we need, the world needs and the space aliens want!
this is happy raw kongo warior music that only OBS could have created!
and thank goth for that because this is a instant classic that needs to be cherished and danced to in every situation!
undress and put on a hawai skirt made of your neighbours grass and dance around with your hunter stick!
if this raw melodic piece of pure funky happyness is not doing it for you,
than you are probably deaf!

Pure enjoyment for ears, feet and your wobbly body!

D O W N L O A D <<<<<-----------------------

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