August 11th, 2012

Ike Stirner - Mr.Mindfuck (TOTF45)

Are You Ready? i Mean Are you Really Ready? Ready To Party? i Mean Really Really Really REALLY ready to party? ....
Top Of THe FLops is extremely proud to present its 45th release in the shape of:

Ike Stirner - Mr. Mindfuck
( @ DH-HK studios, almerlo, NL!

Today its a party day and who else delivers a better party than mr Stirner?
a half hour of party that gets pushed in your throath and even other body holes!
a smashing live set of pure acid dance mashup funky freakshow bouncing punping nastyness for the whole family! spin it and get brainfucked by Mr Mindfuck and start redecorating the house by smashing it all in! trash your television, throw out the chairs, destroy the table with a hammer of choice , spray the walls, cut of your hair, piss in every corner and maybe paint with pooh pooh on the ceiling! but whatever you do, do it in a funky way while this ultimate dance party is raping your ears for the greater good!
invite your lame friends to help with the redecorating or just smash their heads in with an axe for the ultimate pleasure! dance like a baboon! dance like an elephant turd! whatever your choice of dance, dancing you will!

seek no further if you need a half hour of pure smashing party!that leaves no air for relaxation but just smashing pumping acid bonkers pumping beats! this is what Ike Stirner delivers and service you!
cooked up live in Amelo the netherlands, and spoiled like rat poisson on the world wide web for you to get fucked up on, for the extreme price of pure nothing!

another offer you cannot refuse:This Is IKE STIRNER's MR. MINDFUCK!!
spin it, download it, blast it and get totally fucked up!!

D O W N L O A D <<<<<--------- or get the fuck out of here!!!

Top Of The FLops netlabel::

Tibol Lobit Radio Show - Episode 17 (mainstream lobit!)

hosted by
: DJ Madam Adam
length: 1 hour ++ of Mainstream madness in a ultra fine commercial lobit rate!!
interview/special guest: Mike Bourque!

stream/download on podometic:
listen/download from


01- Wagon Christ - Cris Chana
02- Mc Breed - aint no future in yo' frontin'
03- tribe called quest - find my way
04- Dabrye - with a professional
05- Crypt Thing - John Holmes feat Raw Moans
06- Boards of Canada - Buckie High
07- Michael Jackson - The Lady In My life
08- Color Me Badd - All For Love
09- The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost
10- Drexciya - Wavejumper
11- snd - untitled2
12- Alan Watts - Explaining Hermits
13- System - Park
14- Jan Jelinek - they, them
15- Brandy - I Wanna Be Down
16- Dr. Dre - 187

[Siro450] Various Artists - Lobit Music Festival

Various Artists - Lobit Music Festival (ZIP)


56kbps - August 2012
Low Bitrate / Live Recording


Artists, Styles & Locations in Lobith


artist: Jjoth
keywords: experimental audio art
location: Bibliotheek De Liemers

artist: Flat Affect
keywords: experimental audio art
location: Bibliotheek De Liemers

artist: Hertzcanary
keywords: idm dance glitch
location: Physique (Gym)

artist: Nevzoro inc
keywords: electronic, experimental, dance
location: Physique (Gym)

artist: The Corporation Killers
keywords: acoustic set
location: Bestand (Bandstand in the market)

artist: Obsolète Broadcast Système
keywords: ambience, soundscape, experimental
location: Windmill (de Coornmolen)

artist: Pogohm
keywords: french sexy dance
location: Top 1 Toys

artist: Rainbow Valley
keywords: rainbow heaven lobit music
location: Snackbar Smikkel Inn

artist: c4
keywords: lobit techno acid chill
location: Cafe De Buck

artists consistency nature & Thomas Baragona
keywords: avantgarde soundcapes ambient
location Windmill (de Coornmolen)

artist: Toxic Chicken
keywords: minimal chicken music
location: Haarmode Moustache

artist: Pollux
keywords: wonderful gothic drone ambient
location: de kerk (the church)

artists:Irrlicht Project & Thorsou
keywords:audio art performance
location: Top Secret!

artist: alex & Serge Ischenkau (Genetic Brothers)
keywords: electronic party music
location: Partycentrum Schipperspoort

artist: Hlo
keywords: hlllllooo dance glitch lobit
location: Fred Burgers Drankenservice

artist: Covolux
keywords: lobit ambient
location: Windmill (de Coornmolen)

artist: Microbit Project
keywords: techno lobit dance party
location: Bestand (Bandstand at the market)

artist: The Pink Blob
keywords: reggea from mexico
location: Top 1 Toys

artist: Sascha Muller
keywords: techno acid dance
location: Partycentrum Schipperspoort

artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
keywords: soundscape audio collage
location: Chinees-Indish Afhaalresaturant

artist: Clockwork Keyboard
keywords: experimental electronic dance
location: Partycentrum Schipperspoort

artist: D0x10
keywords: feel good music
location: Bed & Breakfast Slaap

Total: (9h37)

Lobit Music Festival Website
Sirona-Records Website