September 2nd, 2012

Tibol Lobit Radio Show / the facebook edition / (episode 19)

hosted by: Justin Coughman & Mrs. Lobit Pussy Ass
length: 1 hour ++ of a wicked awesome selection of great lobit music
from the obscure medium called facebook + info!!
interview/special guest: Mrs. Lobit Pussy Ass intervieuwing HECTIC HEAD!!
stream/download on podometic:
listen/download from


1.Bo Lit – Amongcoda Or otherwise known as Jukka Pekka Kervinen

2.Topi Reta – Into The Flower Power

3.Bash Nova – Bitten Bug

4.Army of 2600 – The Zaxxonion Theory

5.Obsolète Broadcast Système – Ntangu Top Of The Flops netlabels

6.Deafness – M111 Track 10

7.Ambiant Konnekt – Citrus

8.TOGORONOMIKO – 2011/6/21

9.POGOHM – Ice Licking Girls

10.Rainbow Valley – Lunesta

Interview With Hectic Head.

11. Hectic Head – Succumb To The Numb