September 11th, 2012

SPNet039 Ech(o) - The Grace Of The Appalling Remixed By Covolux

SPNet brings you its first (and probably THE first) digital cassette - we're just cool and fresh that way.

SPNet039 Ech(o) - The Grace Of The Appalling Remixed By Covolux

16kbps - 22 minutes, 49 seconds

File under: Ambient/Lobit/Drone

01 - Ech(o) - Time For Bees Raw Demo (Covolux Remix) (5:40)

02 - Ech(o) - Heavier Things Raw Demo (Covolux Remix) (4:25)

03 - Ech(o) - Somnus Alveus Raw Demo (Covolux Remix) (4:13)

04 - Ech(o) - Unconfessed Raw Demo (Covolux Remix) (3:07)

05 - Ech(o) & Flat Affect - This Could Be Enough (Covolux Remix) (5:24)

A collection of remixes by Covolux of every song on Ech(o)'s recent
The Grace Of The Appalling EP (SPNet036), of which Ech(o) herself
had this to say:
"Covolux has taken the beauty of lobit to a new level. At once
complex and soothing, these remixes each carry tones of emotion
that harken back to the original work while producing a new
transcendence. Light and delicate or a bit heavier and disquieting,
each track is a lobit masterpiece from one who knows the genre
like no other."

The Grace Of The Appalling (featuring other remixes of This Could
Be Enough by Pollux, W!DE Re:Ceiver, and Toxic Chicken) is available



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