October 25th, 2012

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Top Of The Flops proudly presents its 46th release!

Pollux - Soleil Noir

With this release we have a mile stone of pure good music, and also the return of a well celebrated artists in so well lobit land as on Top Of The Flops in our hands! Released on a very special date: Pollux's birthday!

Music wise this is a classic piece of the high standard quality music that Pollux has crafted so well. This is ambient of a intergalactic kind that smooth-ens our brains and massages our heads with pure confidence and pleasure.
Pollux re-leaves us from our headaches and makes sure the sounds are so beautiful that the listener will leave all his and her worry's far behind.
This in the shape of a long playing record (more than one hour of relaxing pleasure!) that shapes an extra ordinary world where everything seems to be in pure harmony with each-other  No wars, no gossip, no people pecking each-other . this is the sound of peace and love in a far and distant future. Luckily brought more close to home with the recordings of these wonderfulcrafted works. Let the music flow in your head, let it take over your senses and simplyenjoy the wonderful relaxing world of beauty that Pollux kindly crafted for our very own ears...Simply magical!

Happy Birthday Pollux! and happy day to you too dear fine Top Of The Flops Listeners! 

Download this beautiful master piece over here and threat your ears well:

or click here to  visit the release page on TOP OF THE FLOPS for streaming <3

Enjoy and spread the love!!! <3>