November 4th, 2012

[mbr195] Avs_Silvester - Epic War Of Great Hedgehogs

Artist: Avs_Silvester
Release name: Epic War Of Great Hedgehogs
Country: Russia
label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-195
Release date: November 2012
Keywords: Experimental, fusion, psichedelic rock, hedgehog metal
Quality: MP3, 64 kbps, stereo
Time 20:42

01 - Overture of Great Hedgehogs 0:30
02 - Drink Party of Great Hedgehogs 0:45
03 - Hell Hamster's Army 1:08
04 - Herald of Great Hedgehogs 0:17
05 - Army of Great Hedgehogs 3:50
06 - Battle of Great Hedgehogs 6:18
07 - War and Peace of Great Hedgehogs 3:55
08 - Ehre den grossen Igeln! (Orthodox Hedgehog-metal Bonus) 1:24
09 - Love of Great Hedgehogs (Bonus) 2:37


This is the story about Great Hedgehogs, valiant prickly warriors, leading an invisible war on the outskirts of our cities, in woodlands and taiga. Now it's time to deliver the final blow to the army of darkness. This is the story of the last great battle of the Great hedgehogs and Hell Hamster.
(This album is the first in history hedgehog metal opera)

Produced by Avs_Silvester
Recorded: july-september 2012, Ekaterinburg