November 7th, 2012

Jane van Noise - Bedlam Phantasies (TOTF46)

Top Of The Flops is proud to presents its 46th release:

Jane Van Noise - Bedlam Phantasies

Jane van Noise - Bedlam Phantasies

Jane van Noise, she is the hottest lady in town! The girl with the platinum earrings, the smile that can kill and above all the music that will conquer each heart with ease!
Finally after years of begging and praying for this world event to happen our dream came true!
Jane van Noise released its very first lobit debut on our wonderful Top Of The Flops label!
With this in mind we can simply only celebrate one of these greatest days in our life by playing this wonderful electric music! The lady brings us with the delicious delight of ‘Bedlam Phantasies’ a great album of pure instinctual electronic music, that kind of hangs on the alternative side!
Not that lobit wasn't alternative enough, but Jane managed to push this even further!

All smiles when the first notes are popping in. beautiful piano melodies, electronic beats,
a sadness that marries the madness together with great brilliant melodic music.
This is music that will go directly in to your soul and never ever let you go!
From drama to funky laid-back groovy, till rock metal! Jane will deliver this all in most unexpected ways! Your ears will be surprised as Jan van Noise is out here to rock your world!

Melodies that will lift your mood up, will make you smile just like Jane herself!
There is definitely a lot of love miss Noise gives in this fantastic record , that will simply will be cherished forever and ever! Beautiful stuff indeed!

From drama, till sunshine classics that will be great company to enjoy a cocktail with.
This is what we from Top Of The Flops call high class entertainment in a lovely lobit format!
dance your ass off on tracks like Coca Coma, smell Jane’s blond hair on ‘Blonde’, and dream about love affairs in Mutism! This 8 track release got everything, for everyone!
every track is a story filled with melodies that just simply captures your mind.
You will love Jane, just like Top Of The Flops loves Jane!

Enjoy this wonderful album!!

1. Noir (2:08)
2. N3ur0s1s Blu3s (8:05)
3. Mutism (10:27)
4. Phantasmagoria (9:20)
5. Blonde (8:33)
6. Immortalization (6:44)
7. Coca Coma (3:58)
8. Spectre Noir (3:06)

runtime: 52:32 of great melodic music by Jane van Noise!

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info by Jane van Noise management:
Produced at "Brcke87"-Studio, Berlin, in August/September/October 2012
Released on Top Of The Flops (Thailand)
Composing, Concept & Arrangements:
Jane van Noise a.k.a. Christian Meth
(other Projects: The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience, iampervert, Sodomize me, Cunt Fuckula, Vincent DeVine, The Un-Zen, Nina Tendo, roMeow and many more...)
LoveBit / Psychedelic / Cosmic Trash / LowSound / Melo-Weed-Pop
The Word "Bedlam" stands for "Chaos" or "Madness" in a special mental way, destroying the Construction of a normal Mind.

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