November 12th, 2012

Covolux - Arabbia Delight (SPTOtfSP003)

artist: Covolux
title: Arabbia Delight
cat: SPTOtfSP003
keywords: arabic inspired ambient, drone

1. Arabic Intro (1:43)
2. Arabic Congestion (3:23)
3. Persian Arab (3:45)
4. Slaves of Dubai (2:42)

runtime: 11:26


this is a ambient drone work by Covolux.
Made by recycling traditional arabic music recordings.

Covolux hopes you will have a warm evening.

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Toxic Chicken & Ech(o) - Drunk Bitch (SPTOtfSP004)

Toxic Chicken & Ech(o) - Drunk Bitch
made by Toxic Chicken & Ech(o)

cat: SPTOtfSP004
format: mp3 24kbps
keywords: electronic, experimental, vocals, drunk, sexy, chil-outl, chicken, lobit
1. Ridiculous (1:10)
2. Drunk Bitch (2:45)
3. One Long Peace (1:29)
runtime: a life time!
released on SPTOtfSP.


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