November 15th, 2012

Dentist John - Dog Walker (SPTOtfSP005)

Dentist John - Dog Walker
artist: Dentist John
title: Dog Walker
format: floppy disk contains 2 mp3's 16 kbps
keywords: Professional Fieldrecordings.
runtime: 12:07

1. A Walk With My Dog (day time) <6:47>
2. A Walk With My Dog (night time) <5:19>


Dentist John, a dentist and professional fieldrecorder.
After releasing his works succesfully on a diversity of mentally deranged compilations,
he now debuts on SPTOtfSP and in the underground with its first solo release.
Dentist John has given us gold by recoding his favourite moments in time.
A man and his best friend somewhere in a back alley, where posh people live next to a highway and a field full of insects.
This unique location and the ability to record it with his professional equipment, has returned us a record that is as shiny as his dog's white teeth!
This records lady's and gentleman is the one you have hear in your very own hands now!

Dog Walker, is a surprising episode of nature and high way incidents.
We hear local dogs barking when Dentist John passes the villa's of rich people.
We hear his own dog sniffing and of course Dentist John his own foot steps.
We hear a collection of rare bugs and insects at night.
And of course we hear silence, the ultra form of delightfull peace!

Why going out for a walk with a dog if you can just listen to this record of Dentist John instead?
Where you are the weather is probably shit, so just cuddle up near the speakers
and listen to a perfect walk, recorded professionally by Dentist John and his dog.

Lady's and other gentle people,
we hope you will enjoy, Dog Walking with Dentist John!

album available for free download
and for purchase as floppy diskette:

Microbit Project - Acid Colors (SPTOtfSP006)

artist: Microbit Project
title: Acid Colors
format: floppy disk contains acid colored mp3
keywords: lobit fun, great aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddd!

Microbit Project is back in town with some flavourable lobit aciiiIIiiid!
swallow some chemtrails and enjoy this party of quality high grade lobit dance music!
download it for free or buy it on a flop-pee! (so you can bring it to your par-tee!)
check it out at SPTOtfSP your newest dealer of floppy disks & free lobit music..

[mbr196] Beira / PL433 - Falenopsis' n Pigreco' s Jukebox

Artist: Beira / PL433
Release name: Falenopsis' n Pigreco' s Jukebox
Country: Italy, Switzerland
label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-196
Release date: November 2012
Keywords: Glitch Pop, Trash-Pop, Noise Remixes
Quality: VBR mp3, ~ 48 kbps, stereo
Time 36:12
Size: 16mb




This album is a lobit cover of famous (or not) pop music, maked for fun and for make dance the motherfucker like you

Falenopsis' n Pigreco' s Jukebox was recorded in October.

Genre: Noise(?), Glitch


Beira is:
Giovanni Nembrini - midi|analog synth

Beira: (Soundcloud)
: (Facebook)
: (All works)


experimental neerdy geekz, in which like play with some sound, noise, instrument, object for make musick. is also a member of "I Get HIV On Television" Project


I Get HIV On Television:


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