November 19th, 2012

Der Domestizierte Mensch - Dodge City (SPTOtfSO009)



artist: Der Domestizierte Mensch
title: Dodge City
format: floppy disk contains mp3's
keywords: lobit, minimal, fun, experimental, ambient, top of the flops music

1. Wer blau macht darf nicht rot machen (4:06)
2. Der Prinz schweigt (2:05)
3. Das Rudel kommt (3:59)

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Various Artists - FUNDERGROUND vol. 13 (SPTOtfSP10)


artist: Various
title: FUNDERGROUND Vol.13
format: floppy disk contains mp3's
keywords: electronica, ambient, idm, braindance, chill out, noise

The FUN is back in the underground!
FUNDERGROUND Vol.13 is a lucky numbered episode filled up with an amazing combination of music!
featured are tracks by Packert Hell (lobit sweetness)
Covolux (lobit ambient)
Microbit Project (space lobit ambient electronics) ,
Downloaders (noise ambient)
and last but certainly not least:
The Intellectual Anarchist (with a IDM chill out tune to smoke with)


1 Packert Hell - Sanuk 1 (00:25)
2 Covolux - Moving On  (o1:34)
3 microbit_project_-_silent_sky (04:33)
4 Downloaders - Nii (00:33)
5 The Intellectual Anarchist - Smoking Pot (02:37)

runtime: a life time!

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Kai Nobuko - Last Night SP Saved My Life (Floppy Disk)


SPFD16: Kai Nobuko - last night SP saved my life
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