July 14th, 2013

[SPTOtfSP030] - EugeneKha - A-Tape Performance (Disc 1)


artist: EugeneKha
release: A-Tape Performance 2013-03-03(Disc 1)
format: floppy disk contains mp3
keywords: Live Lobit Ambient, Floppy Music
quality: mp3, 16 kbps 8Hz, stereo
time: 8:33


Album notes:
Live Recorded 2013-03-03.
Live Setup: Roland JV-1080, Roland JV-1010, Kawai K1m, Fostex VF 80 (8-track Digital recorder), Fostex X-14 (4-track Tape Cassette Recorder)

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SPNet116 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Toxic Chicken and Great Hedgehogs

2013, Russia/Thailand
80 kbps - 17 minutes 53 seconds
File under: Experimental Electronic/Space-rock

01 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Great Hedgehogs in the Chicken Coup (3:01)
02 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Enmity of Hedgehogs and Chicken (2:51)
03 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Friendship of Hedgehogs and Chicken (2:26)
04 - Avs_Silvester & Toxic Chicken - Toxic Chicken in the Forest of Hedgehogs (2:22)
05 - Avs_Silvester - Velvet Underpants of Great Hedgehogs (bonus) (2:43)
06 - Toxic Chicken - Song Kran Day For Chickens & Hedgehogs & Everybody Else (2:25)
07 - Avs_Silvester - Velvet Underpants of Great Hedgehogs (bonus) (Covolux remix) (2:05)

Toxic Chicken - Samples, drums, programming
Andrey Skorobogatov - Gutars, harp, block-fluit

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Russia's Avs_Silvester and Thailand's Toxic Chicken present a collection of funky psychedelic music straight from the Eastern Hemisphere!  The first four collaborative tracks are a churning mass of life, consisting of Toxic Chicken's unique brand of quirky minimal electronic music accompanied by Avs_Silvester cranking out psychedelic guitar riffs.  The result is original, infectious, and highly recommended.  Includes three bonus tracks.

Соавторская работа А.Скоробогатова (Avs_Silvester, Екатеринбург) и Карела де Гойде (Toxic Chicken, Нидерланды/Тайланд), повествующая о вражде, дружбе и вельветовых трусах Токсичных Цыплят и Великих Ежей.

Avs_Silvester on Bandcamp
Toxic Chicken by e-mail

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