July 23rd, 2013

microbit project - KaossTrip (Tribute To Kaossilator Mini)


artist: microbit project
Album: KaossTrip (Tribute To Kaossilator Mini)
Recorded: 2010–2011
Note: All Sounds Of this Album from phrase synthesizer Kaossilator (Yellow version)
Release: July 2013
Label: Unicode Music
Cat.: UM015
Style: Lobit, Kaosstronic
Digital quality: MP3, 32 kbps, 11 Hz
Time: 55:33

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Unicode Music


1. nanomorning (4:44)
2. kaochill (11:06)
3. Igor nanosong (3:05)
4. kaojazz-A (8:22)
5. morning cat (6:24)
6. nanonight (4:39)
7. nano theme (3:30)
8. kaojazz-B (4:06)
9. nanolife (once) (4:37)

C4 - Big Music (TOTF47)

Top Of The Flops proudly presents its its 47th release!!

artist: C4 (the legendary one!)
title: Big Music
keywords: awesomeness! Electronica, Rave, Lobit, melodies!

1 Centralize
2 The Girl I Love Is Nameless

runtime: A freaking life time!!

download: http://archive.org/details/C4-BigMusictotf47

publishing notes by the management team of TOTF:
Top Of The Flops is Back!! It has been a huge while, and we desperately hope you have missed your favourite lobit label! But don't worry any further as we are here to celebrate with a hot new release by nobody less than the one and only legendary lobit hero! The name must ring many bells, and TOTF is very proud and pleased to release this master piece of someone who is in hiding, went deeper underground to say the least.. and provided us through a well trained postal pigeon a already extraordinairy masterpiece of a fresh and new hot electronica record! This lady's and gentle people is why we have fighted to get our site back from the evil corporations who ate the Top Of The Flops passwords! This is why we are still very much alive and kicking! This is a fine historic day dear lobit listeners! This is the wonderful return of Top Of The Flops with the amazing return of The extraordinairy !!



Yes!! C4! aka Adam Crammond, DJ Madam Adam, and his other large compagnionship Graffiti Mechanism has returned to the stage of Top Of The Flops!
and what does this mean dear lobit lovers? This means pure outrageous sexy electronic music that only C4 could produce! Full of love, full of pleasure, full of rave, full of dance, full of contagious hypnotic beats, melodies and a soulful soul! You must be OUT OF YOUR MIND to miss this as this is bloody helly good stuff!

For more awesomeness in a lobit format please visit:http://topoftheflopsrecords.blogspot.com/